Sunday, April 17, 2011

If I'm gray by thirty, I blame her. And the number, three.

I have to remind myself that I went through it with Sophia too... and she turned out rather pleasant. (I know she's five and I can't really say she "turned out" yet. But still.) So I know it's a phase. Or I'm hoping it's a phase.

I'm praying it's a phase.

Please don't tell me otherwise... I couldn't handle it in my fragile end-of-the-day-with-a-raging-temperamental-three-year-old state. She wears me down like no body's business.

In the last two days I think I've marched her to the laundry room for time-out like 39 times. It does absolutely no good. On the contrary, it makes her angrier, like swatting at a bumble bee. Or hissing at a rattle snake. (I've never done that... but I imagine it's a bad idea.) She screams from the other side of the door, "I don't LIKE YOU! I'M GONNA BITE YOU!!!"

But of course I still do it, because I don't know what else to do! I have to do SOMETHING when she snatches Sophia's toy right out of her hands and then pulls her hair when she wants it back. Or when she turns over furniture because I won't let her have spicy chips for breakfast. Or when she purposely screams at the top of her lungs right by Finn's door as he naps because she wants to wear a "new" skirt today. Which means it can't be something we already have. And school's in 15 minutes. Where am I supposed to get the new skirt? Oh that is the LEAST of her concern.

She can be the cutest little miniature person with her miniature walk and silly jokes and sweet voice. She can turn me to pudding. But for the other 10 waking hours of the day, she is on a mission to drive me completely insane.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I'm hitting COPY. And PASTE. to my blog because Nate is the SAME way! Seriously! I've been meaning to blog about this "phase".

Yesterday Wes and I looked at each other with the look of . . . "I really hope this is a phase and not HIS personality."

I just may have to call you this week! :)

Sarie said...

Uh.... yes. I'm with you. And Lindsey. I've got the exact same problem. I thought I was the only one.

brooke said...

I still love her...she's great for me!

Ashley said...

Lillie~My Shelby was (and still is sometimes) the same way. It's the middle child syndrome. After my 3rd was born, she would hit and bite, etc. Time outs never worked, we even spanked her for a min but she just laughed at that! They are the free spirits, they don't like rules and they jsut wannna have fun! Good luck and YES it is a phase!

D said...

Both of my kids went through phases like that. Conner still kind of is. He is 3. Lexi never cared about time outs. I had to find other things that would phase her. I did pepper in the mouth. Now it is hot sauce. It took a couple of times, but now it only happens occasionally. I just ask if they want that in their mouth and then they stop. Some people do a small spoonful of soy sauce.
Some people may think it is mean, but I don't care. They have to learn some how. I tried all kinds of things and that is what has worked for us.
Conner use to knock down furniture when he would get mad. I would sit and hold him so he couldn't destroy my house. After a week he never did it again. Holding them on your lap as a time out is way worse to them then going to a room.

Oh and Conner would always hit his sister about 7 months ago. He would even hit us. Lexi would just sit there and take it. I tried all kinds of things. Nothing phased him so finally I told Lexi to do it right back to him every time. After a couple of times of that he left her alone.
There is my parenting advice. Good or not I don't know! I probably sound like a horrible parent. Sometimes kids need a dose of their own medicine to get what they are doing to other people.

Like I said take it or leave it. I hope stay sane though:) It is hard sometimes.


Paul*Anne*Cohen*Addison said...

I laughed out loud, twice! You are too funny and I feel ya. By the end of a 12 hour day with Cohen I am EXHAUSTED. Most days I'm wondering if 6pm is too early for him to go to bed :)

Trent and Kristi said...

Oh I am SO SO glad I am not the only one with a feisty 3 year old that I SWEAR is out to get me and makes me feel like MOM needs to go to time-out...but now that she's almost 4 it's starting to get better...but the drama, the rage, the physicality and a billion time-outs seem to be WAY too common and so frustrating! That picture says it all! Hang in there! You are doing a great job! SERIOUSLY!

moliver said...

You know every mom reading this has to comment with our experiences, right?

Well, with Logan his "phase" lasted through ages 3 and 4 and finally mellowed out when he turned five. Now, at 6 1/2 he's going through a whole new (torture my little brother) phase. That's a super-fun one too.

Jace was a little sweetheart until he turned 4 in March. He still is a sweetheart but, you know, just a bit more difficult than he has been. But since he didn't have the terrible twos or three's as much, I'll deal with the craziness he's bringin' right now.

I love how you write and express this so well. Isn't it amazing how they can be little crazy posessed monsters one minute and then the sweetest angels the next?
We just have to hold on to the sweet moments. Thanks for the cute post.

micah and nic said...

Lillie! I blogstalked you. HI! and thankyou. My first is three and I am wondering if I'll survive. I am also looking at my 3 month old and hoping that it is different with a boy. You are yours are BEAUTIFUL in every which way! Loved you 10 years ago and still do. ~Nicole Butler Smith (BYUH Hale 5) AND PS> gasp. thirty is coming up on me too. AGH.