Friday, May 27, 2011

We're glad it's Friday

Here's what's up.

-Ross runs in the Tough Mudder tomorrow in... Big Bear I think? He was jogging around the house last night with a head cam attached to his head to see if he should try and tape it. I should have taped that.

- It's a holiday weekend! No school or work on Monday. HOO to the ray. We're going to the beach. It's about time.

- It was 96 today but felt great to me. I keep thinking maybe I've adjusted and this summer won't cook my insides.

- I need a serious tan. Does anyone swear by a certain self-tanner? I should have clarified. I need a serious fake-tan. I think the real sun is real-ly aging me.
- Goin' on a date tonight. whoo whoo. We skipped last week so I'm in the mooood.
- I just got these sheets for my girls' beds today--- I think I love them.

- I think I want to make this cake by the pioneer genius this weekend. YUMmy.

Happy long weekend!


Jill.Ben.Betty said...

Bath and body works has a good self tanner, that doesnt leave you smelling like it all day.

Megan Daly said...

Sounds like you are going to have a Great Weekend! Love the girls sheets and that cake does look good. :)
Stinkin Diet. I might have to cheat this weekend. ;)

Happy Memorial Day!!