Monday, May 16, 2011

What? It's still Spring...

I was perusing my picture folder and realized I'd never blogged our easter weekend in San Diego... for record's sake, here is a "pile" of photos.

-Trying to remember how to run to see if I could physically (literally) survive the Napa Valley Ragnar.
- Shimmying around the house because my muscles are too sore for anything else.
- Cooking for dinner group. This week I did this Thai Chicken Salad.
- Getting shots for Mila and Finn. They were both champs.
- Eating 8 dollar yogurts from yogurt island. Not because yogurt island is expensive, but because I have a disease and I CANNOT control myself at a u-serve yogurt joint and I ALWAYS get the largest in the group. Even when I tell myself the whole way there that I WILL NOT.
- Hearing Ross wander around the house watching cross-fit clips on his iphone. He is obsessed... I'm convinced it's a cult. Just kidding... it sounds pretty amazing.
- Hanging tons of frames on the girls' wall to create a big gallery wall... now wondering if I need to simplify to a few identical in a row instead...
- Video taping Mila sing Justin Beiber. I think I might have to blog it-- it's dang cute.

Clearly all real check-list items that take lots of time. It's no wonder I've had the same stack of laundry on my dining table for like 5 days.


Karley said...

The girl who does my hair does cross fit and she is looks unbelievable. I have looked into it and think it looks like pure torture. Yay for Ross if he does it, and massive yay for you if you are crazy enough to do it to!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

Aww your family is gorgeous. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter. Can't wait to see photos of the girls room.

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

i'm a random blog stalker- but ohmygoodness, your photos are just so beautiful!! what a great easter !