Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I love me some Moroccan poufs

But at $225- $325, they're hard to justify. Especially since no one can sleep on them or put clothes in them or drive them, or use them for some other very functional purpose. You can sit on them, or put your feet on them. But mostly I just want to look at them. I LOVE them.

And DID you see the new Calypso line at Target that's selling a knock off faux-leather pouf for 59 dollars? I did. I saw it coming, I followed online and in stores and of course they were sold out immediately. Eventually I found three in our Palm Springs store and I bought them all. (One for Brooke who was also on look-out.) This is what they look like:

So I think I'm thrilled about them. Silver wouldn't be my first choice, but it's the only color they've got. (What happened to the gold they showed online beforehand? Anyone know?) Obviously they look cheaper with the fake leather. They've also got a little bit of a wood frame inside so they're a little overly perky for my taste-- they're more cylindrical and less squishy/squatty, and much lighter. But for $59, I think they're gorgeous and I THINK they'll end up at the feet of my girl's beds in their longest-project-ever of a room. Someday I'll take a picture if I ever finish! I've had major indecisiveness with colors in there. There's just always something cuter, you know?

Blasted Internet.


Jenny D said...

Love it Lillie! Great find! I was one of the 1st into Target on May 1st to check out the Calypso line. I was mostly looking at the clothing line for me.... A bit disappointing, but super cute stuff for your little girls!

The POUF is an excellent purchase!

Nikosmommy said...

I keep seeing blog posts about these Poufs, they're a fabulous substitution for the "real thing".

They sold out like hot cakes and were sold out online almost as fast (I stalked them)! If only we had Target up here in canada...2 more years is too long to wait!

Keith and Courtney said...

I must admit that when I first read the title of this post I thought it said "Macaroon Puffs" and I was pretty excited. But I do love those Moroccan Poufs too. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at our Target next time I go. Thanks for the tip.

Life at the White House said...

So glad you got the ones from Target!!!

I didn't get an ottoman with our white upholstered rocker/glider for the babe's room and am now wishing I had something to put my feet on... (I'm 5'1", so my feet don't even touch the ground if I'm sitting at the back of the chair).

Kind of thinking I NEED a pouf? I had my eye on one when I started the nursery but FOR REAL....... they are crazy expensive and there are oh, so many other expenses right now!? Hmmmmm!!!!

I think a aqua or teal one would go perfectly in this little guy's room?

Did you have an ottoman with your rocker for any of the kids? If so, did you love it... was it worth it... etc?

Britney said...

just found your darling blog and i was wondering where you found the pic of that yellow chair in the moroccan pouf post? it's exactly what i'm looking for in the nursery, now i need to add a pouf as well!

dounia said...

This site carries them for a great price

Marcy Kelly said...

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cosspuss said...

the cheapest I found online were from the handmakers of the Moroccan Pouf for $99.95 only

Najlae B. said...

So colorful are those Moroccan Ottoman