Saturday, January 14, 2012

My poor diseased babe

We'd had at least a few days after we rid our home of strep-throat. For the second time in a row. So it's not like I'm complaining. And before that, the vomiting had only been off and on for that week stretch over Christmas. It could be so much worse. And that part I say with no sarcasm. It really could be. I keep reminding myself of that.

Finn got that icky hand-foot-mouth virus- ahem--- hand-foot-mouth-disease. Why they have to put "disease" in the name, I have no idea. Just to make it seem SO much freakier than it already is. And to scare all of your friends extra far away so your kids will not only be sick but sick and bored out of their mind. That's why.

But apparently it's "very common"-- though I've only known one other kid to get it (nephew, Joseph as a baby). He had finally seemed over the throat and ear stuff... had a couple of great days and then awoke from a luscious (and abnormal) 4.5 hour nap with two little pimples (?) by his mouth. He must have had a mild fever I hadn't really noticed. Since it starts with that. But over the next two days his face got a few more pimply things that turned into sores... and his hands became spotted with these blisters. Surprisingly, his hands didn't really seem to bother him that much (though they looked AWFUL). So once we were past the first day when the sores must have started in his mouth and throat (so he wouldn't eat) it wasn't actually that bad. But it looked awful.

Did I mention it looked awful?

And so I took a picture. (doesn't do it justice)

And so I'm blogging about it.

Now Mila has it. Booh. And the worst part might be that her sweet little face has the same sores by her mouth. And I'll catch her picking which worries me they could scar!? And do you know one of my worst aversions is to people picking at scabs and cuticles and things that would hurt--- (not pimples-- love picking pimples-- totally different)--- so even as I typed the word "picking" I lose some feeling in my legs and feel a little light headed.

Also, she said her feet hurt too bad to walk most of yesterday. That was a bummer too.

So sick of being in isolation. I think I've missed church three of the last five sundays or so... due to some rotten sickness or another.

I'm beginning to think I'm doing something wrong. Am I not supposed to be serving their dinners off the bottom of their shoes?

Here's hoping we're on the mend. Crossing fingers...


TnD said...

I'm hurting for him. I googled it and I can't believe that everyone has not had it as it seems that the transmission is so simple, too simple.

Ann said...

I am so sorry! Our oldest got it when he was Finn's age and it was horrible. Hoping your family heals quickly, and that you stay sane during the process!

S.A.S. said...

Oh Honey, that looks terrible (especially because it's a definite coop-up). Kisses to you little Finn. Just tell your friends it's like old school chicken pox and they'd better bring their kids over to get it while they're little...