Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My kitchen!

Of course I forgot to take a "before" until after they removed the cabinets.... but you can still get the idea. Don't you dare zoom in and try and see how out-of-control my cupboards are. I very much appreciate the ability to close a door. holy cow. I don't think I've wiped some of these cupboards out since we moved in almost four years ago. eww.

SO-- the next photo you'll see of my kitchen will be WHITE! Hopefully it will have hardware finally too..... unless I take too long to find what I want and take a photo before that part...

They took the doors today, and start painting tomorrow. I think it will take a few days before they can put the doors back on-- maybe next Wednesday? I'm dying.

Anyway--- hope the suspense doesn't kill you.


I've been working on a face lift for my photo blog... opinions? Too plain? Too many lines? Check it out.


Keith and Courtney said...

Oh boy, that's exciting!

Coveralia said...

Hello Lillie:)

Kitchen looks exciting cannot wait to see the final result!

As for me I really like how the photos are positioned, they are big enough... just perfect.:)
However I think the font should be changed like in your blog:)) Grey fonts looks much great so keep the colour:)


megieswin said...

LOVE your blog and your style! I am a big time bargain hunter/diy'er! Can you tell me the font name that you used on your DMB poster? LOVE this idea of making one for my husband and my anniversary :) thanks!!!