Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did I mention he turned 34?

He's so mature.

Are you dying for a list of 34 things I love about this boy? What?-- it's been done too many times you say?
Too bad.

1. He listens to me complain about home projects for far longer than should be allowed.

2. He makes waffles and pancakes from scratch when I'm not there to do it.

3. He comes home tired from work-- but never too tired to suck all the last bits of energy out of the kids before bed-time. He's a jungle gym.

4. He always does bed time. Except on his birthday.

5. He makes rules like "let's kiss for 10 seconds every night when I get home" when he notices that we're forgetting about each other because our kids are much cooler than we are. And much more demanding.

6. He helps me put the sheets on the bed at midnight when I've inevitably forgotten about them until then, even though he's perfectly happy to sleep on the mattress cover.

7. He always packs the car.

8. And he always cleans out the car after a trip.

9. He always offers to let me have his food if I don't like what I've ordered. (I wouldn't make him trade with gross food... but it's nice to get the offer.)

10. He gets a really great ooh la la face when I've actually done my hair. It makes me feel great all night.

11. He'll never finish off a treat he thinks I might enjoy. There's always some for me.

12. He carries all the heavy bags on trips, happily--- views it as a work out.

13. He's so quick to apologize.

14. He's patient with me and with the kids.

15. He loves his family... the one he came from and ours of course.

16. I'm pretty sure he lets me make him an icecream sundae most nights just so I don't feel alone in my splurging.

17. He works his tail off so I can stay home and be a mama.

18. He respects all that THAT means.

19. He finds the good music and puts it on my ipod so I don't have to figure it out.

20. He DVR's all the shows so I still don't have to know where any channels are.

21. He wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out so he can still come home at a decent hour.

22. He laughs at my jokes and looks proud when I'm funny.

23. Any time we fight, he tells me, "I always knew that with you, it'd never be boring". Good thing? I guess that could depend on tone of voice and what we're fighting about.... but I'm gonna keep thinking it is.

24. He takes the girls to Costco most Saturdays to give me some quiet time.

25. He always makes the dreaded calls to the cable company, or Apple when we have a computer or tv issue even though I'm the one complaining about it. But he knows I'd rather bury myself in quick sand than sit on the phone for 2 hours with some guy from India that makes me start with making sure the computer is plugged in. can't handle it.

26. He appreciates food.

27. He watched the new Jane Eyre with me and didn't say anything rude.

28. Probably because he secretly actually really loves chick flicks. But usually not period pieces. So it still deserves it's own number.

29. He stuffs his closet full with his exercise ball and inversion table because he knows I can't stand for them to be anywhere else in the house.

30. He notices my eyelash growth (or says he does.)

31. He doesn't notice my waist growth (or says he doesn't.)

32. He adores his kids and gives them real, tender, genuine attention and love EVERY day.

33. He loves the Lord.

34. He's mine. (awwwww.....)


Laura said...

Even though I'm a long time reader, I don't comment much but I had to because I loved reading this post! Adorable. Sounds like you two are very lucky to have each other :)

Missy said...

I had no idea how much Ross was like Devin. It's the little things. We are lucky.

I found myself nodding to myself at the home projects, waffles, horsey rides, sheets on the bed at midnight (no way am I sleeping on the mattress pad!), packs the car, patient, cable companies, exercise ball and foam roller hiding in closet, loves us/church etc. Funnily enough when we argue Devin always says "I can't stay mad at you..."

This is all to say that don't be surprised if I copy and paste this somewhat come June when Devin turns 33:)

Tiffany said...

Written in true Lillie funny and so genuine and sweet. Happy Belated, Ross! We miss you guys!

Audry said...

Great post Lily! You can that he loves you and your girls in every picture you post.

Karina said...

I love this Lillie...awwwwww ;)