Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged- or something like it...

My friend Heidi Tagged me-- it's her homemade tag to honor good friends. On her blog she prefaced it with how her need for friends has changed over the years and I found myself nodding in agreement as I read it. I had to reitterate on my blog.

I've always loved my friends, but when I married Ross, I felt like he was all I needed. It was all so exciting and wonderful and we moved away so I didn't know many people anyway and as I got to know people, I squeezed them in when I could but didn't quite know how. Then I had kids and it just got harder and harder to fit anyone in besides this little family... and yet, I've felt more aware in the last year or so than ever, of just how important good friends are. And how wonderful and comforting it is to have so many different people with different strengths to love and be loved by--- dear friends to inspire, listen, cheer on, understand, push, serve, comfort and more. Ross still does ALL of these things for me at different times. But I'm sure a better wife when I don't expect him to be ALL things at once. There are so many wonderful people that we get to share our lives with. I'm just so grateful for good friends-- for all the people that strengthen me and teach me, and make my life a little sweeter.

I like this Tag. It's different. It's about YOU.

How this works...IF you want to play, choose 10 (or as many) people in your life who make you better for the following reasons. Send it to the 10 people who you chose. Than have them send it to 10 inspiring friends. Or forget all that and just read my compliments will ya? If I thought people wouldn't boycott my blog if I typed too much, I'd add a category for everyone I love-- But that could go on for a while.

Faith Promoting

Lisa. Your testimony is laced throughout your blog. A goal of mine I haven't met. Thank you for being an example to me and to so many.

Everyday Martha Stewart

Lizzie. For the 5 years I've known you, I've called you Martha for this very reason. And you've never disappointed. I've still never known someone who knows that flax can be substituted for egg, sews her own curtains which turn out CUTER than PB, who actually USES their wheat grinder on a nearly daily basis, makes homemade bread (whole wheat of course), not even in a bread maker, not just for Sundays, but INSTEAD of buying store bought, makes pancakes with Kamut instead of white flour, but bakes the most deliciously rich and buttery desserts WITH white flour just how they should be, all the while no.... not wearing an apron and a scrunchy like the modern-day pioneer that you are, but beach tousled wavy hair and True Religion Jeans. You are the modern, hip, super-home-maker. I've learned so much from you.

Kind to our Earth

Michelle and Brandon. I find myself thinking, what would the Ross' think? (Their last name is Ross, not my husband... in case anyone was confused) when I'm debating if something is worth purchasing. I am a homemaker who loves cute houses and cute things. So it never hurts to have one more voice of reason in my head helping me limit my contribution to a consumption epidemic.

Julie-- How do you have time, what with the two children, and recording EFY songs with that gorgeous voice, to spend more time and energy teaching people to recycle and take care of the Earth? Thank you.

Ability to Always Make you Laugh (Even when you should be crying)

Sarie- (Sarah) Your stories about your girls should be published for purchase. Not just for your family. I should edit the title of this one since your blog really does make me laugh hardily out loud AND cry. What a talented writer, mother, photographer, wife, sister- you are.

Fills the World with Great Art

Allie. Oh how I've missed your frequent posts since you've come down with.. ahem... another baby in your belly. I dream of the days when you feel well, find SOME free time, and have TWO gorgeous girls to share colorful, larger than life pictures of regularly. Your photos, your home projects, and anything you share visually that you've already touched and turned to gold appease my appetite for color and make my life better some how.

Amazing Parents

Mine mine mine. And Ross'. We are SO blessed. Seriously so blessed. ;) It all makes more sense now that I have children of my own, just how our parents are able to give and give and give and never ask in return. How they can make us feel like a million bucks when we come visit even though we bring our tornado through their homes and peaceful lives.

But an amazing blogger parent? Christin. An adopted four year old son, a set of 3 year old twin girls ,and a set of 7 month old twin girls. Five kids under the age of 4. And you make it look so easy... or at least... so wonderful. I can feel how grateful you are for your crazy life! Such a great mama.

Full of Patience & Kindness
Kodi- you keep trying to tell me that you're not as perfect as you seem. But you can assure me all you want that you're capable of getting angry at your girls, that you're not ALWAYS concerned with others' happiness before your own, that you aren't consistently knee-deep in some form of service... I just won't believe you. You really are one of the kindest girls I know.

Always has a Glass Half Full
Roxeanne- Since I see you in person too, I don't think it's just on the blog. I think you are genuinely one of those people that just sees the beauty in challenges-- or maybe you don't even see them as challenges. You just make it all look so easy.

Spreader of Sunshine
Marnie- I only wish you were still in the desert spreading it to me every day. When are you going to become a regular updater. There's a lot of people that could use a good daily dose of your warmth. I miss you!

Makes Everyone Feel Great

Sarah- There's a reason you have like 20 very best friends. No one can stand to be away from you once they know you because you make us all feel like a million bucks. What an honor it was to wear a broach Mrs. Mickelson. :)

Alysa- I only barely know you-- and you, in all your expert-mom, prim. pres, woman with everything together-ness make me feel like the bomb.

True Friends

Lacy and Joe- (But I know your blog isn't really this type Joe, so I won't blame you if you don't actually play). What could be more true than family? I think I could live in the same house with you guys. Your like that to me. It's ok if you don't feel the same. I know I would hog a lot of Lacy and eat a lot of the treats.

Makes you a better person.

Ross- you don't really have a blog to play- but really, who else do I have to answer to every day that notices if I'm improving in all the ways I say I want to-- reaps the benefits if I do and suffers if I don't? You make me better just because you're so darn good and I want to be worthy of you--- and because you know just how to inspire and encourage me. Thank goodness for marriage. I'd probably be at a very un-bettering, complacent place in my life where I'm always right... if it weren't for you. :)

"To be a friend means encourage strengths in others and accepting their weaknesses; in other words, accepting them for who they are." Catherine Pulsifer


Lizzie said...

Thanks Lillie. You make my nerdy self seem cool! = ) I love you more than words can possibly describe. That could be why at times I seem like a jealous boyfriend who wants you all to myself. I just can't get enough of hanging out with you.

S.A.S. said...

What a compliment to be mentioned amongst the few. I relate to feeling like I think I have the MOST of your love (family excepted)... and then of course so do all of the others. Good for you, for making us all feel that way. You're so easy to love - Thank you for wearing the brooch, and for being the kind of friend one doesn't let go of... even 2605.7 miles away.

LeeElle said...

what a lovely post, you're able to articulate your thoughts so well. This is one "tag" that I just may do.

Lowdogg said...

I could also live in the same house as you. You could be my personal photographer and document my life. Sounds fun, right?
We would all get fat off the Frisch sweet tooth and there would be a pretty complete domination of the financial services industry.
I'll let Lacy answer this one. Thanks for letting me off the hook.

Sarie said...

GET RIGHT OUT OF TOWN. You are way too complimentary. And I think I could turn everything you said right around on you. Do you know I stole your idea for that photo of Lillie's toes while she's in the swing (couple posts ago)? You took one of Mila at about that age.. I always remembered the shot.. and I copied it. So there. I wanna be like you. And your life, you really do have a great one. Thanks for being friends with Rebecca so I can pretend to know you. Cause you're super super cool Lill.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lillie-pad....if email games like this circled the world, it WOULD become a better place!You inspire all of us!

Rachelle said...

What would we do without our girlfriends? It is so much harder to find time for them when our families get bigger and lives crazier, but I think of them often, I still need then, and when I need them, I know they are there for me. That's why blogging is so great as a way to stay connected with our friends.

Christin said...

Thanks Lillie for the parental boost. There are definitely days when I wonder if I'm going to lose my mind. I'm sure every mom can relate in some way or another huh?


Kodi said...

Oh Lillie, you're much too kind. Really. And since I'm most likely not going to fulfill the tagging, here's what I would say about you:
Lillie - There really isn't a person I know who gives compliments so freely (and GENUINELY) to everyone. A lot of times I might think the same thing (wow you look thin, super cute hair, nice tan, etc.), but you are bold and you SAY it. I love that about you and it always makes everyone feel so darn good. I am so lucky to have you as a friend!

alliehoopes said...

Also (in addition to email so I don't sound like a crazy person), I thought I'd copy an excerpt from the comment section of Michelle's blog:

Also because of your real-friend and my wanna-be-real friend Lillie I have a new phrase I'm going to order in vinyl lettering and apply to a nice little painted board and sand the edges and place in my home: What would the Ross' do?

Do you know I liked her even more because she got the grammar right on that? Or at least the way I do it.

Alysa said...

Oh now I know what your comment meant on my blog "You've been tag." Wow. How nice to come home from 3 weeks of vacationing and to receive such a nice compliment. Talk about a person who makes others feel good -- girlfriend, you just did that to me and everyone else. Maybe I better not let you know me better since you'll know the real truth of my noxious and unorganized ways. I could put you under the heading, "Most wanting to get to know" You were one of my first blogs I checked upon arriving home, as I thought "I wonder what Lillie has been up to?" You're darling and I hope to be like you when I grow up. Hugs! PS You express yourself so wonderfully. I definitely hope to be like that someday. Your da bomb.