Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Rest of Provo...

So I'm still feeling like there's just not enough time to get creative with my words on how great this past week was. So I think I'll stick to some basic bullets and captions. After the weekend of Sarah's wedding (where I'm not sure I mentioned that I fell in love with every one of her best friends... you see she has more than anyone I know, and we all come from different places, and frankly I think we need a reunion of Sarah's best-friends every year because it was the funnest "Bachelorette Party" and wedding-event-filled day ever. What an incredible bunch of girls.) I'm still sick about my missing pictures since I had some favorites of all these lovely people at the temple (and some good kissing ones of Sarah and Paul :)) , so if I ever manage to retrieve them, I'm sure I'll have a lone "Sarah's Wedding" post in October or something. Anyway, until then.... the rest of the week at Ross' parent's house looked something like this:

Just enjoying the Utah- summer-evenings.... since we've forgotten what it feels like when they COOL OFF.
Elder Biesinger, officially Jared again, home from the mission for almost a week at this point. Cutie eh?

This was at a Ropes Course in Provo (that I never knew was there but Zach found it once and it's super fun.) You split the cost amongst however many of you there are, so for like 12 bucks, we got to do a zip-line, and some other scary-up-high-harnessed-in kind of things (mostly I just wanted to do the zip-line.) Super fun.

Yes that is my long-time, long-distance sweet, sweet friend, Michelle. Friends from BYU-Hawaii when we needed each other... lost touch, then reconnected through blogging. A reminder of why this mommy-cyber-world really can be SO wonderful. She was in Utah on her way from Idaho Falls to Gainsville, FL (a big move in a little tiny trailer :) sold most of what they owned... ) and came down to Provo with just her baby, Annie to talk as much and as fast as we could in person before we were back to typing. How wonderful. And yes, I said Gainsville, so of course I'm setting her up with my sister. ;) I love when the world's small.

This was in Ben and Marie's new house.... still being framed, in Lehi. It's going to be SUCH a beautiful place! I couldn't believe all the upgrades they had "thrown in" for nothing. I mean the market stinks down here too, but we still had gold door-knobs and white walls when we moved in. We're SUPER happy for them. Since they already rented out their OTHER property (yup), they're living with Ross' parents until it's finished in September.... so add that to Jared just returning from his mission and Brooke home for the first few days of our trip to see him... and it was a happy but FULL house.
This is Ben (it goes Brooke, Ross, Ben, Zach, and Jared... in case you're really trying to figure it all out :)) He and Marie have this gorgeous little 16 month-old boy, Kanoa. Here's a few of Marie. Can you believe that gorgeous hair? And you haven't even seen it in a bun....

That one's Zach. I know all these handsome Biesinger boys are hard to keep track of.

Home from Edmonton, Canada. We were SO happy to have him back in the mix.
Ross' clever photo. That killer depth of field. :)
$5 all you can eat french toast at Magleby's... actually my first time, but just as good as I imagined. Becky, I thought of you and your feeding tube the whole time... because I'm pretty sure you're the one I always heard talk about Magleby's. I sure hope you're feeling better. :(


Fatter even than my babies.... Beau. :)
And his hot mama, Brooke.
And the Carringtons. Sigh. John, Marnie, and their beautiful little boy Marion. Marnie, why, oh why did you leave us? You are so missed in the desert. Thank goodness it feels like not a day has passed since you were prego and sick on my couch all day, because we didn't have NEARLY enough time to warm up again. I'm just so so so happy we could see you for the hours we did. And that I could witness that gorgeous boy in action. (The other boy, John, but I sure loved seeing you too.) How do I not have any pictures of the hosts? Nana and Grandpa... thank you so much for letting us eat ALL your food, WRECK your house, sleep in every nook and cranny, soak up all your AC, dump our children on you FAR more than we ever should have (I'm having major post-trip guilt about that). You are superb grandparents, parents, and in-laws. What a FUN week.


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

That looked like a lot of people. Sounded like a lot of fun. Worked out perfectly to have Sarah get married and Jared coming home at the same time. How considerate of everyone. Mila's hair is looking thicker, all of the sudden. Or maybe we just haven't seen enough of her lately.

Kodi said...

Thank you for all the visuals. I think I have it all figured out now! My favs. . . Mila and her huge grin, Sophia and the pink balloon, and you look great in that last pic (supermodel material for sure). Looks like lots of fun filled family time. (say that 5 times fast) :)

Christin said...

Wow it is a small world. Michelle is a good friend of my family too. She actually dated Joseph for a while. Crazy huh?'


Anonymous said...

miss you already....REALLY MISS YOU. Still enjoying my toes and thinking of that chair that rocked big time!
Love you!

Missy said...

Looks like SO much fun...the whole vacation with all the family. I can't wait to hear about your SD trip too. I wish we could have gotten together with Michelle when I was there - I sort of feel like I'm friends with her too;)

So are you using your 1.4 lense for all these photos? I love how there is so much light in them. I totally need it.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

That sounds PERFECT. How fun to see so many long lost friends!

and you are looking TINY. Please share your secrets with me.