Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

(She's not actually waving-- just about to pat the ball with that hand. But I liked that it looked like she actually posed for a picture. And yes, as much as I usually try to take pictures of her on the grass, where she REALLY likes to play is, of course, the dirt.)

Don't know why, but I'm particularly tired this week. It might be the "is she-- isn't she-- switching to one nap?" game we're playing with Sophia right now... or maybe just that dang body pump class. But I feel worked. I don't think I've cooked a real meal for Ross all week, poor guy. That, I blame on an excess in left-overs and a resolution to keep my fridge cleaned out. I figured we didn't want the food to go to waste so it was strictly a decision based on frugality, not laziness. In that case Ross is EXTREMELY supportive of my not cooking... :) It works out well.
(Not that he demands dinner usually or anything-- just had to clarify.)

Also Sophia's been in an extra funk this week-- I'm thinking she's definitely feeling some of the pain of teething. It's wierd how as a mom sometimes you're so sure you "just know." The symptoms could probably be just another cold, but I just know it's teething. Whenever she's sick, Ross wants me to call the doctor-- I can't figure out why I would bother, when I know better than them. ;) Just kidding, I'm not that cocky, but... well sort of. I've realized I wasn't raised on the doctor so sometimes it's hard for me to really think we need to use our pediatrician. At least for such minor things. Anyway-- pretty sure she's gettin' some good molars. Poor thing. I can't imagine the pain these little tiny people go through in the beginning of their lives with all the growing, the teething, the ear infections, the diaper rash (can you imagine?.. wierd.) I seriously think Sophia's such a tough little thing.

So here's a picture of Lizzie's beautiful little girl Kate Elizabeth. Her first was born vaginally but it went horribly and her recovery took a couple of months so the doctor suggested a c-section with this one. The recovery has been night and day better than the last and she's happy to be able to sit up and actually hold and enjoy her beautiful new baby. It sounds like the toughest part is Tanner's adjustment to the whole thing (her 2 year old), so Tuesday he came over and played with Sophia all day to get some normalcy. Poor little guy.

That's all I got.


Julie Blodgett said...

Lillie - Hey! It was fun to get your comment on my blog. I agree, blogs are the best! It was fun to scroll through your blog as have a beautiful family, and I'm extremely jealous of your warm climate:) Your little girl is SO cute! About the whole nap switching thing...its a hard stage. Conner has been on 1 nap since he was a year old. He's just not a sleeper, like my first. The thing I like about one nap, is that he goes to bed pretty early and sleeps a whole 12 hours. But - the minute you get them on a schedule, something teeth, right? Anyways - great blog - you all seem very happy. Take care!

michelleross said...

hey friend...hang in there, the weekend is ahead of us! for some reason, seeing a little more of husband always picks me up. I'll bet you're the same way.

And I'm sorry about your nap/teeth dilema. it's as hard on mommy as it is on baby, if you ask me! Whenever there isn't dinner ready for brandon, he now just assumes it's been one of those days, and doesn't even question. :) nice boy.

And one more question...isn't the office on at the same time as Survivor? I think we've been interested, but are too loyal to the latter...can you help me out with this?

cute new baby too...such hair! peace out!

Lillie said...

Michelle- So I never know if I should respond on your blog, or my own, the blogger rules are very confusing to me-- but Office might be on the same time as Survivor..acccept right now Survivor's not on right? we are big fans of both but we live on DVR (Tivo). I hate to admit we're that into TV but once you go DVR you can't go back, whether you really like TV or not. It's just so much more efficient and it allows you to record your favorite shows that are on at the same time. We haven't watched commercials in two years. Have you watched any of it, you should rent the first season if not. So funny.

Lauren said...

I totally have those days, too. I have piano everyday and trying to juggle that with 2 kids is crazy. I would say that 99% of the time, Joseph does come home to a nice hot dinner though. It must be something this week because I have been super tired, too. We had a leftovers night last night for the same reason- we don't want to waste food! Lizzie's baby is beautiful and I love her hair! The nap/teeth thing is super hard to deal with. I remember being at my wits end, but I promise it will get better ;)! I agree with you, too, on the whole DVR thing. It's the best. You can watch your shows after the kids are in bed and NO commercials!

Missy said...

Maybe you are pregnant?!

Just kidding. I totally have those days. Or weeks. Whatever it ends up being.

Maybe you could move her to strictly one nap and then put her to bed super early? Hard transition.

Kate Elizabeth? That name is beautiful and she's a pretty newborn. Tell Lizzie congrats.

michelleross said...

hey lillie...I'm often confused about conversationing within blogs too, but I like the idea of replying back on who's blog the original thought started. sound good?

we're a little ghetto in our tv watching, apparently. :) we'll have to check some of those things out.