Friday, January 12, 2007

Still reminscing on Christmas morning...

So I think I found a way to fit the video and go back to my old template (I'm pretty sure I liked it better. I know it's silly and doesn't matter, but if you have an opinion let me know.) It looks like google video takes up less space than youtube. I think.

Anyway, this is obviously a silly video of Sophia on Christmas morning with Elmo. We thought it was kind of funny. Sophia never took a bottle so it's funny because she doesn't get the whole baby with a bottle thing. So intstead she tries to give her sippy cups to her dolls.... even Elmo. The look is not quite the same. :)

It's overcast today... I LOVE it. I'm sure I've said it before, but that's a rare occurance out here in the city of sun. We soak up the wonderfully diffused light like most people in winter soak up any bit of sun. I LOVE it. Did I already say that?

One thing that's really cool about the desert is that even when we have 80 degree days here, we can often see snow on top of the mountains that surround us, and they're not THAT high. I think my parents are coming out on Sunday and staying over, since Monday's a holiday, and we all might go up to Idyllwild (sp?) or Big Bear or the top of the tram... somewhere with snow. I've been regretting not really letting Sophia play in the snow in Utah so this is my chance. :)

This is a picture of Sophia at only 7 months (crazy huh?) and my great friend Marnie, the one that's pregnant and horribly sick, and commenting sometimes. She doesn't have a blog yet, she was planning on waiting until she has her baby in July, but I'm trying to convince her to start one now. If nothing else, to track the growth of her belly and her stages of insanity. :)

Now you've met another one of my best friends our here. Her husband, like Lizzie's, works with Ross at Merrill. We've realized that we're really lucky because the boss at Merrill recruits out of BYU which means we are bound to be surrounded by a lot of young families like us, I guess that's another perk about the desert.


Cardalls said...

It looks like she's giving Elmo CPR. By the way, this is first time I've found your blog and compliments to the chef (or blogger, or whatever). You've got some photographic skills to be envied.

Lowdogg said...

I like the old one better. I like that warm brown background, and glad you got it to work. I don't know how it always works for me, but now you've got it!
I'll put up the promised pictures today and more house pictures Sunday. Remember that whole job thing? Not to mention that Lacy is not a big fan of computer use in the evening.

Sarah said...

I like the old too Lil, it's more you (warm). And I giggled like Elmo when I saw that clip. Can NOT believe still that you're a video blogger! So advanced! It's fun to see pics of the people I've heard so much about in your life stories there (but the picture image wasn't working when I checked for today's entry!). Hugs and kisses

Missy said...

Well, I liked the old one. Nobody else did, but I kinda like this one a little bit more. Simply because the writing is more in columns, not the stretched all the way across the screen. Glad you got it to work.
The video is adorable. Avery just sits and stares at Elmo so your videos of him and a baby are much more exciting. It does kinda look like she is giving Elmo CPR!