Wednesday, January 10, 2007

testing video...123

So I think I finally figured out how to post a video without ruining my sidebar. This is an old video, so Sophia talks a lot more now, but at the time her little voice in this was priceless... ok it still is. (Sorry it's so dark.)

"Papa Kirk's words of wisdom..."


Missy said...

THAT just made my day. Or completes my day since it's coming to a close. I loved it. She is adorable and the cutest toddler ever (since I still consider my baby girl a BABY).
And off the subject, but she is such a good mixture of you both.

Sarah said...

Um, could you BE a more advanced blogger?! Video?! Lil, I am SO impressed!! While I am over here struggling to make my pictures normal (still unperfected), your baby is AUDIBLY gabbing on yours. This is totally priceless - having her little voice saved like that. I love hearing her babble, and can't wait for more! She's a doll.

p.s. your comment was so funny because I have been feeling like I missed the blogspot vote, because i liked your template so much better than mine (and your pics pop out!!).

michelleross said...

Cutest! I'm so glad you're into 20 second videos too...we only have our normal camera as far as videos go, the kind that only allows little ones, and brandon claims he doesn't like a lot of "filler" junk anyway that you get with long videos, so we have dozens of tiny bits of zane! way to be a kindred spirit. :) and by the way, anyone who read lillie's last post about finding michelle, well this is michelle, and I have one question for all your friends of lillie's...does anyone else make you feel QUITE as fantastic as she does? She's an amazing one! Thank you lillie. :) so glad to be here, and sharing life with you lovely ladies. :)