Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Again, I'm copying Missy and today, January 11th, honoring the birthday of a dear friend.

Lizzie is the friend we went to Hawaii with, the one who threw my baby shower and whose baby shower I threw. She is the friend I call Martha (Stewart) because she has an incredible talent in the home. She sewed all of her own mock roman shades and beautiful thick curtains for her formal dining room (we later saw some in Pottery Barn that were only ALMOST as cute). She organizes like there's no tomorrow and has food storage for the whole neighborhood (well at least Ross, Sophia and I :) just kidding Liz). She's the kind of friend I set my bar by and constantly fall short, but it keeps me growing. She's a genius in the kitchen, makes the kinds of things from scratch I thought grew in grocery stores. (She's the one who taught me to make carmel and almond roca.) She's a dream wife to her husband, Shad of 7 years (I think), and is the example of devotion in a marriage. She used to be Mrs. Lamm, the teacher that every 2nd grade girl wanted to be like and every boy had a little crush on. Now she's an incredible mother to her little two year old boy Tanner (SUPER cute), and is due to have her little girl, Kate Elizabeth on January 18th by c-section. She has been such a blessing to me, since we've moved out here to the barren desert :), and I'm so grateful today, that she was born. :)

Happy Birthday Lizzie.

(the pictures at the top were over a year ago when Tanner was not even 1. This one was of course at Halloween and Lizzie's almost 7 months pregnant in it, believe it or not.)

This last one was taken at Dukes in Hawaii. That's of course, her cute husband, Shad.


Sarah said...

Lil, you're so lucky to have such a great friend as your desert oasis. Lizzy, Lil has mentioned you as her lifesaver there - and hello, your kids are going to get married, right?! Let's seal the deal on those two families with Sophia and Tanner. Love good friends - especially the ones you can share island memories with:)

Missy said...

Could she get any cuter? Will she be part of our tri-blog? I'm going to send you and Sarah an email and maybe post-baby she will be able to contribute and help us become sewing savvy and domestic in food storage.
Happy Birthday Lizzie! It makes me really sad that I don't have a friend like that. But alas, I do have an island friend - she's just across the country.

Sarah said...

Sigh, miss you Mis!

A couple of things: 1) I invite Lizzy to help make us Martha's too. Drapes? That's a big deal.
2) I got my matching shoes with you Lil, and love them! Now if it weren't 20 degrees here, I'd get to wear them. Bring on spring!

michelleross said...

Hey I want in on that action too! I tried to make a valance once :) it's not too bad, but nothing like martha stewart. (I think I'll post it, so you can agree.) So please, include me on the tutoring! (and the hawaii vacations, for that matter.) :)

Missy said...

What shoes? I will be emailing you girls b/c Lil - you need to give us all dibs on fashion.

Yes, Michelle, you are most certainly included. Do you have a blog?

michelleross said...

Just started! And now tell me, how do you girls get anything else done? this is too fun. kinda nice to have a place to do journals with pictures, so I'm backtracking to 2006 a little. :) lillie has me linked..hooray for lillie!