Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A new template?

Totally unrelated to anything... just wanted to post this picture-- I fill the basket with toys-- she empties the toys out and plays in the basket all morning. I LOVE her.

So I feel like I haven't been on here forever as my last blog was titled "I love Sundays"... and three days could count as forever when this little online journal has become somewhat of an addiction. I guess I was too busy on Monday seeing as our Christmas decorations had still not been taken down (gasp) and I felt like the neighbors were scowling at me through my Christmas tree window. It wasn't lit up or anything, but still up and decorated... the danger of a fake tree. So the house is almost Christmas free now, except for some glitter that I'll swiffer up after Sophia wakes up from her nap. It's strange how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE to put up the Christmas decor, but how surprisingly happy I am to get my house back. I didn't realize how much I missed my blank walls, blue pillows, and corners. In order to fit all the new stuff in, every corner seems to get filled up and the house definitely wanders dangerously close to "cluttered". Anyway, as much as I'll long for Christmas '07, I'm ready for this one to return to the garage.

So anyway, that was Monday. Yesterday, something awful took over my electronic friend I couldn't seem to get my lap top to do anything I wanted. When the internet worked, my blogger acount didn't, and when blogger should have been back up, my internet was down. Sophia's entire first nap was over and so was my blogging time. So sad.

So today I have a somewhat new template which I shouldn't care that much about but I'm not sure I like. I decided to finally switch to the new version of blogger as the pesky reminders were getting to me, and I didn't want problems like yesterday again just because I was too stubborn to switch over. Since I was making all of the changes anyway, I decided to change templates so that the text would stretch wider. I'm hoping that will allow me to post videos from youtube without messing up my sidebar (probably FAR more information than anyone cares to hear...but that's the problem I've run in to in the past.) .....(take a breath....)
So, I'm back, with a new template (for now), Christmas free (sad but not), and with a new link to an old and GOLDEN friend Michelle Ross! If you check her blog you'll probably want to be her friend too... she's one of those. We met at BYU Hawaii (great friendships start there huh Sarah and Mis?) where we both went for a semester of our freshman year. This is an ode to blogging since we haven't spoken in a few years at least, and she found me through my blog and emailed me. Now I have a new reason to love this silly addiction that I blame sweet Missy for. :) Not only does it keep us connected, but apparently it reunites. I probably sound super cheesy, but I'm very excited to have Shelly back in my life!

In honor of good friends, and Christmas, here's a picture of our collage of Christmas cards (which reminds me I should probably take that down too)... Ok now that I see it up, it kind of looks like we must not have that many friends... hmmm.

So I still desperately need to set some new year's resolutions, but that's another thing Ross and I haven't exactly found the time to do. It's coming. And I'm sure you'll have to hear about a few on here. I'm committing myself right now to do it before the month of January is over. I figure 11/12 of the year should be enough to accomplish any reasonable goal.


Denae said...

hi Lillie, this is Denae. I grew up with Ross in WC and I've met you once, I think. Anyway, I found you through my sisters blog that is linked to Brooke's. Your little girl is really cute and it looks like you and Ross are doing great. Tell him I said hi!

Marnie said...

I almost prefer the new tamplate just because it seems a little cleaner and the pictures almost more crisp against the grey blue background. The basket open mouthed picutre of Sophie is probably my favorite of all times, it caputres her exact personality at this stage-loud-a little rowdy and way too cute for her own good. Looking at her it seems like it will be very hard to ever have to discipline do you not laugh, or at least say, "its a good thing you are cute." That is the line my mom used when we were little. I just cant wait to have this little baby of mine, I think today is the first day that I really feel a connection to how important all of my depressing daytime tv watching has been the last three months. In a larger perspective it really WILL be worth it, and not be a waste of a second at all...there is nothing more important that I could be doing right now. I am a mother already, and I cant think of anything more I want to do than give everything I have, literally everything to this little one. Which is what I have been doing.
Sorry this turned out to be so emotional, I am sure that my pregnant hormones are a little overwhelming....
This entry has turned into a theraputic realization that Heavenly Father certainly does know that however rediculous my performace in life has been the last 13 weeks, it has been my best, and it has been enough.
(deep breath)

PS-should I embarrassed about my spelling? I truly can not spell, and don't want to check every word that I feel like writing with the online dictionary.
I wonder if there is some formal invitation or introduction I need in order to be a part of this blogging friendship that you all have.

Hi my name is Martha, but Lillie calls me Marnie( and so do the people who love me the most), she invited me to join....ahhh, our husbands work together, I am pregnant for the first time.....ahhh I feel like I am joining some support goup or addition recovery or something
Just Kidding

Sarah said...

Love the blog (it's funny, I just want them to go on forever Lil, I'm always sad when I reach the end) and the photo today. What a doll! Look at all of the friends your blog is attracting! I'm still hiding mine:) Marnie, loved the outpouring and I don't even know you, but Lillie has always said such great things! Jealous of all of you moms and moms-to-be. Be grateful you're not still braving the dating scene (gag). Love you Lil and the new template is kind of fun. I'm almost ready for a change too.

Sarah said...

and Lil, you've got a TON of friends... it's so fun to spot my and Mis's Christmas cards:)

Missy said...

Welcome Marnie! Do you have a blog that we can read? When are you due? Girl or Boy or Waiting To Find Out? Exciting times...
Lil, I like the new blog look. Marnie's right, it's clean and fresh and easy to read.
I put Avery in an empty hamper the other day and she LOVED it. She sat in there inspecting it like it was a new invention. I guess everything is to their little eyes. So funny though.

Marnie said...

I dont have a blog yet, that just seems way to advanced for me, no I am sure we will start one when we have the baby. I am almost afraid to have one now after seeing how involved they can be. I am one of those people that in 8th grade would rather do the poster project any day than do the power point. Don't get me wrong I can get around the computer enough to survive work and school and stuff, but I am not very daring.
Anyway- Our baby is due July 19, and we dont know if it is a boy or girl until March! Ahh, it seems so far away, I want to know now!!!

Marnie said...

We arn't on Lillie's pantry door of chirstmas cards so you cant spot me....because all of my Christmas cards are still sitting here on my counter WAITING TO BE ADDRESSED!!! I am soooooo embarrassed.