Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A long weekend...

I LOVE long weekends. Saturday was a wonderfully typical Saturday where we ate a yummier breakfast than normal, hung out together as a family, ran some errands, did some chores, and then played at night with some friends. I say typical, but too often we're seperated so that I can run child-free errands, or Ross can play some football or do something else that doesn't require a shirt and tie like the other six days of the week. So it wasn't so much a typical Saturday, as an ideal Saturday in my mind. Ross might disagree as he did vacuum out the car that I let be filled with pirates booty, fruity cheerios, crackers, string cheese, and yes (gasp) even blackberries. I used to stick to dry foods in the car but I felt like she was snacking too much on processed stuff, so now I just deal with the consequences, an occasional blackberry, tomato or kidney bean smashed into the carpet. Yes I'm totally one of those moms.. with the super messy (not-quite-a) mini-van. I never would have guessed. But my car has been known to get out of control these days with my little one. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who loves me enough to clean it out. :)

Anyway, on Sunday night my parents came out to see us since everyone had Martin Luther King Day off. We watched the premier of "24" together (which should be a whole other blog on it's own since I think it might be the best show on television- ever), they stayed over for the night, hung out with us the next day, and took us to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (love the Pasta Da Vinci) for an early celebration of Ross' birthday (also needs to be a whole other blog.) It was so fun to have an extra day to hang out with my wonderful parents in our little world out here. That night after they left, we of course watched the second half of the premier of "24" and I held my breath for nearly two hours. I love that show.

It was a good weekend.


Lowdogg said...

Lacy watched 24 with me! All 4 hours, and she liked it, although some of the violence was a bit much for her. It did not disappoint one bit, and now she sees it is the bomb.
Sounds like a good weekend. We need to go to Cheesecake Factory with you sometime. I love that place.

Lacy said...

I thought your writing particularly intriguing this blog entry. And yes, I usually have a messy car (actually a VAN), too. Joe gets on me about the banana peels especially. I refuse to feel bad about it. I was pleasantly suprised with 24. I have avoided that show. Honestly, the popularity of made it less appealing for a long time. But it was very entertaining so I'm sure I'll finish the season with my husband.

About Sophia's hair cut- from the pictures I can't even tell you did anything except the little ends in back. I think it was a good call to cut it. She's so cute and coy- I really don't think she could look like a boy.

Love ya lil.

Sarah said...

so SO happy about the new entry! You were KILLING me with the delay babe. And I've realized that it's partially your fault I'm hooked on 24! I've seen Season's 3 and 4, part of 2, and am watching 5 right now (waited 11 months for it to come out on DVD!). I'm trying to hurry so I can see Season 6 tivo'd. Is it as good as 5, because this one is AMAZING! We should have a separate 24 blog... it is absolutely my favorite show ever. That and The Office.

Love weekends... and great breakfasts. Do you ever miss Magelby's Fresh? Love you...