Monday, June 07, 2010

Blue and Pink Inspiration

Don't remember where I got this image… I always wonder if the blog police will bust me if I don't do the "via" thing at the bottom with the link. Sorry.

This one below, however, I can definitely tell you is from Allie's blog… the darling brunette is a dead giveaway.

I'm loving blue and pink right now. And since I already have so many blue walls in my house, I figure it's realistic…. somewhere?

I know I've already shared a couple of these images… but they still made the collage--- found the top right picture of this last collage a week or two ago and impulsively bought that gorgeous pink rug. It's plastic, and so might look a little like a beach or yoga mat at my front door… but I still sigh every time I look at it because I love the pattern and color…. so oh well..

Not sure it goes with my orange ikea rug in the living room… so I keep thinking I'll do a rotation and do an orange and pink room somewhere else… and I'm thinking of a rug more like this, or this, or this, or this or this for my living room. You get the idea… if you clicked on all of those links that is… It's that reupholstered chair that's throwing it off… I think the yellow or gray would work smoothly with it so there could be a hot pink pop…. who knows…. I prefer to use the trial and error method and do returns like mad. Ross LOVES it.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

Just last week I thought my house needed a splash of pink somewhere since I'm convinced I'm destined to have all boys. So it's appearing in my office.

I'm loving the blue and pink, too. And grey. Obsessed with grey.

Kristy said...

I love pink and blue too. I did Lucy's room those colors and it's still my favorite. I did a chair rail white, with tan on the bottom and pink on top. Then nothing but cream except for blue accessories to pop. The chandelier was pink and creams and blue hues too. It sounds a little Neopolitan ice cream but it turned out good. I was thinking Yellow, grey and blue for this next baby's room whether it's a girl or boy. It's a good combination.