Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sophia right now

- She's obsessed with the following words and her and dear friend, Kate have designated them as the funniest words there ever were: hot dog, eye-ball, and cookoo. It's all even funnier when they're HAND says it (so they're doing a talking hand gesture all day.) Mila's picked it up and her little crab claw says "eyeball" to people left and right. All are equally confused.

- It's gotten incredibly old, and usually I remind her, "it's really just an inside joke between you and Kate, those words might not be funny to everyone… " but one day I decided to be nice-mommy and play along… "you're a hot dog mom!" to which I respond "you're a strawberry!"------rrrrr?--- (record screeching-- all humor gone, smiles gone, 16-year-old voice comes out of her mouth) "that's not even a funny word mom--- strawberry… psshhh… mom….",with head shaking in disappointment...

- And thus it begins…. THEY decide what's cool… and I am on the list no longer. oh boy.

- Do you remember the seal that died on the beach over Memorial Day weekend. We talked about it that one day, while we walked the pier… she was so concerned… but no more talk over the weekend. Then since we've been home, she prays for the seal along with Grandpa Randy in every- single- prayer. "We're thankful that we love the seal and that you'll take care of him in heaven." She's such a tender- heart.

- At her preschool graduation her teachers made her this cute scrapbook of the year. One of the teachers wrote this: "What an amazing girl you are! So nurturing and loving! Always with a kind heart. Friends with everyone!" I felt so proud.

- I've always thought of her as fearless since she would jump (with cannon-ball-yelling type energy) in the water at 2 and could care less if she came up choking on it… she'd get out and jump again. She's a fish. She loves all things physical-- climbing, running, swimming etc… always has.

- But on our first several trips to Disneyland, she was TERRIFIED of rides. I realized after a little bit that she liked roller coasters or things that were outside… it was the freaky loud music and witches handing you poison apples and doors opening and closing with big whales coming up to eat you,…. and even Poohs freaky honey dream... that scared her.

- The last few times we've gone (we just went yesterday with the Lamms!) she's OVER it. And loves every ride she goes on. It's so much more fun. Matterhorn is her favorite, and yesterday, her and Tanner had to ride together with no adult. Holy moly that made me nervous, but not her. She did Splash Mountain for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. (That was the scariest ride to me as a teen and it still makes me nervous… I don't understand the physics and always think I could fly out on the drop with no seat belt. As you can imagine, the photo at the end is usually embarrassing.) But Sophia loved it. Was grumpy it was over too fast. She's brave.

- But cries like a baby every time I brush her hair.

- She can get pretty mad at me these days and hit below the belt a little "you're not the best mommy anymore! We're not the best family anymore!" Where did she come up with this? I never know quite what to do. It hurts my feelings and I want to just give in and let her have another cookie or let her pick the seat in our car before her friend gets too…. but of course I can't. So my heart breaks a little… and she always apologizes later. She's an emotional girl. For good and bad. Like her mama…. I can't really blame her.

- My mom has always told me that if she were my age, she would want to be my best friend. It's one of those compliments that has always stuck with me. This is how I feel for my Sophia. I think she's the funniest, sweetest, happiest little girl…. oh if I were 4…. her rendition of "eyeball! hot dog! cookoo! ….. would SOO have me rolling. I'm a fan.


Helena said...

Such a great post. :-) Also the graduation photos below.

Jon and Diana said...

You are so making me want a little girl. Good thing I only have to wait 3 weeks for one to come my way. I'm just a little bit nervous about never ending drama that will come with that little girl!

Christin said...

It was fun hearing about Sophia. I love the four year old stage.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Hmmm. What can I say. I love reading your stuff. I love Sophia.

S.A.S. said...

What a beauty in & out. I love this little sprite, and her vivacious ways. Even only seeing her in person like once a year for a day, it's enough to taste the bits of you that compose her. Having been lucky enough to be your friend, I'm pretty sure I'd chase her down on the 4 yr old playground too. What a lucky Mama, and little girl. Makes me a TINY bit less scared for Julia to grow... a tiny bit.

Sarie said...

Beautiful, Lillie. With my girls it's hot and cold. Sometimes great, sometimes a fight. But mostly wonderful. I love this post about Sophia, she's a bright flame!