Thursday, June 10, 2010

What would we do without him?

My friend Julie told me that once at her house, Sophia stood at the feet of her husband who was doing the dishes, perplexed.

"what are you doing?"
" The dishes.. (seeing an opportunity)… why doesn't your daddy do the dishes?"
"NO---My mommy does the dishes. My daddy jumps on the trampoline with us."

And this is how it goes in our house. I feel like I get the best job. They come to me for snuggles, for rock-a-bye-baby, for love-you's and bandaids and kisses. They color with me and sing with me and read with me (not as much as we should, I won't lie… but it still happens)…. but when the end of the day or the end of the week comes and all I want is to turn my mind off for a few, there's no question who they'll choose to jump on the tramp in triple-digit-heat with them, or chase them in circles around the house, or give them dangerous horsey rides around the coffee table with too many hard corners, or play "I have two teddy bears!" while pretending to sleep on the couch….

And I get to watch from the safe-zone of my kitchen sink. I love being mom.


Lauren said...

I feel the exact same way about Joseph. I would much rather he come home and play with the kids and I do the dishes/clean up. :) We are lucky! Ross seems like a terrific dad!

Sarie said...

Uh, ditto.

Lizzie said...

The bottom picture of Mila...she is so dang cute. I love it.

I'm right there with you Lillie. I don't understand how Shad can wrestle with the kids, build forts, throw them into the pool, play "dragon" or "monster", etc, for SO DANG LONG. I can last about 3 minutes and then I say, "I don't really know how to do this. Only Daddies know how to ....." And it works. = )

We're lucky wives.

Audry said...

very cute! My kids have a daddy who play with them too. I love going to the pool(which we did today) and sitting out and watch while daddy plays in the water with all the kids.

prashant said...

she is so dang cute. I love it.
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