Thursday, June 03, 2010

La Jolla Cove, seal beach, a picnic, some volleyball, and then back to mom's pool...

Memorial Day. This is Sophia in mourning. There was one sad little seal on seal beach by himself. "Is he dead?" Sophia's asks… to which the lady-who-hands-out-postcards too quickly replied "Yeah…. crawled up yesterday and died."

She was devastated. We've had a few more talks about death lately than I prefer, and this sparked all sorts of questions. Why did he have to die all alone? When is Heavenly Father going to come get him? Is the sea going to get him? How will Heavenly Father find him in the sea? Why is Heavenly Father so mean?

uh oh.

She had that same response when I tried to explain why we couldn't swim on Sunday because Heavenly Father likes us to keep the sabbath day holy…. etc.. (in kid language).. I think I'm going to have to take the blame for a while.


Christin said...

So sad about the seal. My Natalie brought our dead chicken and placed her dead carcass on the back porch then proceeded to come in and tell me that Blanca had "peed" on her.

Nana from San Diego said...

Thank you sweet daughter for capturing so many wonderful memories of our precious family times.Especially Joe's "goofy" face! (:

Tabitha said...

Our children are having to deal with loss a whole lot sooner than I ever did. Poor little thing. For a long while after my father-in-law passed away, Hallie would say in every single one of her prayers for Heavenly Father to let Grandpa come back to life. It's hard to go through this loss, but harder to have to see it through our children's eyes. They are resilient though... and even though their hearts ache, they have an amazing way of still being able to laugh and remember the good times, and know that everything will be alright. Give your kids a hug for me. Hallie misses Sophia terribly.

Baylee and Blair's page said...

The best thing for the "death" conversation is to be honest. My 5 year old is the same way and I'm just honest with her about it and it seems to go okay. I don't go in to great detail about it, but enough to where she understands. I can only imagine how hard it's been for you in the past several weeks. Hang in there! :)

Hugs - Tiff

PS - Why don't you swim on Sunday's?