Saturday, June 26, 2010

My predictions… a little late, so maybe it's all obvious to you… but I'm still claiming them… Top 4

She clearly wants him to father her children more than anyone else. Is it the dimples? Whatever it is, she is SO in to him. He just has to avoid total creep-out things like tattoos of armored hearts and he's a sure thing at the end. I think Roberto will be in the top 2.

Kirk--- I wish I was in to him, because his personality is pretty normal, and he was a runner which is respectable. It's a little weird that he implied he had some great big secret like a past life as a cross-dresser or a wife (ex-spouses are so overdone), and then just explained that he was once really sick. ?? Obviously she's got the physical thing with him though…. top 4 for sure.
Frank--- he was maybe my very favorite for the first couple of episodes… but he's lost a little of my love just like he has Ali's. I think he'll make top 4 but maybe that's the end for him.
Chris L--- hmmm---- he's sort of the guy in the movie that the city girl meets while on her much needed get-away to cape cod. He saves her after she tips out of her little boat and takes her back to his rustic house for some hot chocolate. Something like that. They'd probably cast J-Lo which would be a bummer. But I'd see it. He's a GUY. But super nice and simple. MAYBE a little too simple. Might be a little bit dopey. But I still really like him. He'll DEFINITELY make a great husband. He's sincerely all about family and the things that really matter. I think he'll be in the top 2 against Kirk or Roberto. And Ali will be faced with the age-old Bachelorette dilemma---- "do I follow my heart or my head?!"

PHEW--- good tv.

Oh but wait, let's not forget Chris N….


Ross and I thought he was a camera guy they accidentally let in the frame a couple of times. Poor guy--- finally gets his big 2 minutes of fame… "I like Mexican food??"


Karley said...

Though I would pick Roberto, my money is on Chris. I think she likes him in the simple we can grow old together way...

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

I wish it would be Roberto, but I fear Kirk. The only thing she ever tells Roberto is how hot he is. I think she is just amazed by his face. Poor glasses is out, he can't cope with the competition aspect and he'll fade long before the credits. Plus, word is that he has a dilemma with a maybe reconcile with a past love.

TnD said...

Opps that was me Tara, not my mother-in-law.

Erin Marriott said...

Oh Lillie, I just love you. I JUST got your mile long comment on my blog, and it made my whole day!! I LOVE the long ones. And it doesn't make me feel so lame whenever I leave you one of my novels and then think, 'crap, I should have just sent her an email :)' But I can't not comment on here! Okay, so first thing's first. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Aaaahh! I was so excited to read your great news! And don't even compare our pregnancies...just because I have to do IV's doesn't mean you haven't had it rough either! I think having that darn nausea on any level is horrible, so I'm so sorry you have been sick too! Seriously. It's the worst. I can't wait to find out what you're having! I was trying to figure out who was expecting another one in your family, (I kind of caught that in your Dad's tribute at the end, about 19 grandchildren "and one on the way") and I couldn't be Lacy, because she just had one, Ian and Tere seemed to have had one recently, Mel just kind of had Baby Ivy...Ryon and Jeanette...probably not...could it be Lillie?!! I'm so excited for you. And you and your perfect little body...what are you talking about? Seriously you are as fit as a fiddle, and you always look perfect even in your pregancies! It's crazy, I've noticed with this pregnancy after like 7 weeks, I totally had a poochy belly, even when there was more coming out of me than staying in! Must be 3rd baby syndrome. Bummer. But you have always had this supermodel-ish type physique and couldn't get fat if you tried. Anyway, I am so happy for you, and Ross must be so excited! I can't believe how old Sophia is to me. And her cap and gown for preschool was just too precious! Lillie just had her preschool graduation last week, can you believe how big our girls are getting??? And I love how you always blog about what seems to be the shows I've been into lately...okay you were cracking me up with Modern Family!! (It's mine and Dan's seriously favorite show and I'm going through major withdrawels right now and can't wait until the Fall) but I laughed so hard I had tears at Cam and his "I feel like I just ate the sun!!" episode, LOL!! The best is when Phil got trapped in the outhouse with his Mario mustache, hahahaha!! I'm laughing as I type!! That show puts the biggest smile on my face. I love that you guys are into it too. Dan and I got hooked in Oct. when it first came out, I can't get enough. And the Batchelorette...mmm. I think Roberto has the most charm, but then you're right about Chris L...he seems more marriage material, and would treat her well. But the chemistry with Kirk is good, but that's about it. So done with broken ankle, and heart-shielded tattoo. They need to go. I wish we lived closer...dang these miles between us. I would love to go to lunch with you and just laugh. But I guess I have to settle for leaving embarressingly long comments on your blog. We are doing Disney again in either Dec. or May, so I will try and figure something out this time. Hugs!!

brooke said...

I hope its Chris...but no matter who she chooses I just know that I get more excited to watch this than anything else on tv. Should I be embarrassed to admit that?

S.A.S. said...

This is hilarious. Curse you for being the one that even makes me interested in this show. But as my dad says, you could "sell ketchup popsicles to a nurse". I don't think Roberto's into her, so if it's a go for her, I think it will end badly fast. Chris is looking to be mothered, so if Ali can pull out the nurturing I think it could work out. Kirk is ok, but reminds me a little too much of someone I know (cough, drama two years ago). I think Frank's bothers me because he seems to be the producers gopher - always being the one to start weird dtr conversations with the guys (hovered over by cameramen). I just admitted all that out loud. Oh boy.

If only I liked ALI, this would be a lot more fun to watch. Blech.

HILARIOUS though the Chris/camera man - HA HA HA!!! I died every time the camera caught his face for 2 seconds, he always looks completely dazed and perhaps tranquilized? I guess all he had to do to get a rose was not get a tattoo or sing poorly.

I think Chris big guy or Roberto. Bring on the family meets!

alliehoopes said...

last dude was the funniest ever. i usually do computering while it's on and i really don't think i'd ever seen his face before that. think he'll be the next bachelor?

Sarie said...

Camera guy! ha ha ha ha. And I think it'll come down to Chris and Roberto. I think I'd pick Chris even though I don't think he's a good kisser. He kind of attacks her when he does it.

And all joking aside, it IS GOOD TV!!!!!!!!

And I guess I'm not done commenting.. hm.. Frank is a little crazy lately with that love-sick head shake he does after they kiss... he's just a little too in love.

And I like how funny Chris is--

Okay I think that's all.

Tracey said...

I stumbled upon your blog and am typically not a blog hopper. But just wanted to let you know that I love you photography and think you have darling little girls and are such a cute family. Enjoy them while they are young cuz they grow so fast!

moliver said...

I know you posted this a while ago but I just noticed it. Oh, How I hope she picks Roberto! Not like any of these relationships work out anyway, why do we care? That totally cracked me up that you mentioned Chris N. For a while I could have sworn that he was a buddy of hers who was there for the sole purpose of getting the inside scoop on the guys in the house. Yeah, that was wierd, and he actually seemed surprised when she let him go!