Friday, June 25, 2010

… and the living is eeeeeassy...

(iphone pics from a morning at the Renaissance pool.)

Ross's sister, Brooke and her family came out for a day and played at a nearby resort pool with us. She's pregnant too… like 20 weeks and sure she's expecting another boy…. but we don't know for SURE yet. She's got two boys about the same ages as my girls… so we're on track to keep the pattern alive. We'll see. :)

I have a love hate relationship with summer out here. The days are eternal, we're eating popsicles and finding pools to crash, wearing either work-out clothes or swim suits, and yet my kids don't need any "after-clothes" for the pool since their suits dry by the time we get back to the car, the water never feels cold, and we have to worry about things like green hair and sunburned ears…. and I love all of that….

But the temperature climbs to over 110 degrees, a car left in the sun sucks the air right out of your lungs and the metal on the seat belt becomes hazardous. The house windows are permanently sealed shut, with perfect manufactured 76 degree air pumping through the vents, and with the crack of a door (to let in some poor soul left standing in the heat) comes a wave of oven-air and like a hundred flies. There are goods and bads.

But I must say…. MAYBE it's because it's only been low hundreds…. no teens yet…. and there's been an evening breeze, but I think every year gets a little better for me. It seems we just find more ways to be under water, and I go fewer places without underground or garage parking maybe? And it's kind of nice to never EVER have to layer my kids.

Maybe my blood's thinning out just a little? Either way-- it's summer time, and getting Mila through her chicken stage and used to going under water, while watching Sophia take off and swim like a fish from pool to pool just feels gooooood. We like summer.

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Lindsay Griffeth said...

I totally hear ya on ALL the goods and bads of summer. Glad it's growing on you - even if it's just a little bit each year. :)