Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Weekend

Family at the memorial service.

This was our program for the service. I figure this one will stay in better shape than the 20 paper versions I've kept.



I don't know if closure is the right word. I think that's what I was supposed to feel after this weekend. But I do feel at peace and even… joyful? It was so wonderful to get a chance to hear such tender words from each of my siblings… something we'd never really done before this all happened. And it was wonderful to be in a room with so many people who loved my dad so sincerely, and to hear the very best things about him, expressed by so many different people from different phases of his life. He was the kind of guy who had friendships that lasted a whole life-time… and they were there to share their stories and love.

I figure if there is any time that he's allowed a little glimpse of how we're doing, it would be there at his service. And I think he really would have liked it.

I wish I'd taken more photos--- but obviously we were busy and occupied… so all we got was the shot of our family (plus the families of my dad's brother Brandon, and his sister Heidi) before the service. Probably a good thing since it was prior to all of the puffy eyes.

I can't get over how supportive people are. All of the people that made the trip to come down, who sent flowers, wrote cards (I hadn't gotten the mail in like two weeks since Mila lost my key and we came home to several of these--), etc… I know I've said it before, but THANK YOU---- this has completely changed my perspective. I think if the roles were reversed, I would have assumed there was nothing I could do and would have just given space. Now I feel this need to pay it forward. (For the record I would never notice someone who hadn't called or written etc… NOT asking for more, promise.) But all of those who have, have really made me feel lifted up, and most importantly, have made me feel like my dad is known and appreciated just a little bit more. Thank you.

After the service, we all enjoyed a luau dinner thanks to Ian and Tere, --- definitely my dad's style (I grew up on anything atop white rice as a kid)… and got to visit and view a montage I made of his life.

The next day we invited all of our family back over to my mom and Kirk's house for a barbecue. THAT'S when I pulled out the camera.

And that was just Saturday. We still have Memorial Day at La Jolla Cove to come...


brooke said...

looks like fun...even if it was from a sad situation. I love bring with family, nothing could be better to me!

Elizabeth said...

i don't know you or your dad, but i was very touched by your post. i sat here with tears in my eyes. it looks like it was a joyful celebration of his life.

Erin Marriott said...

Wow. What a weekend for you and your family. I had tears streaming down my face reading everything about your dad, and what an incredible man he was. I still remember him taking us to go see 'The Neverending Story' and spoiling us with buttery popcorn and lots of high fructose sugary treats. He was just the best, I can remember so much about him. I still remember his deep voice, is that weird? I loved seeing all of you and your brothers and sisters together. I'm sure it was a great reunion, and so wonderful (and so sad) at the same time to share with everyone. I just love your family. They really will always be apart of me, even though I literally haven't seen them in years. I really do have a card sitting on my counter for you, it's been there for like a week. I'm so on top of it these days :) Love you Lillie.

Rachelle said...

Sorry to be vain...but you looked beautiful! sparkly...happy in your eyes. I love that about you!

oh just ehu. said...

You know, I've always thought that our loved one is allowed a few precious moments to visit us during their service. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's felt that way.