Sunday, June 13, 2010


It used to seem like an eternity away… that phase of life where your kids are old enough to have friends over to play-- where it's not babysitting. It's been like that for a while now with Sophia, but Mila's friends are still a bit young… accept for this guy. Sawyer. He's always been like 3 going on 18. He treats Mila like a little lady, and usually gives her what she wants, which naturally, makes her a happy girl.

Several weeks back, Brooke told us that Sawyer had decided he needed to ask Mila to marry him--- they come over for dinner, and he asks for Ross. Upon finding him, he asks his permission to marry Mila. Ross says yes, as long as he has served a mission and has a good job by then.

He then proceeds to GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE, and ask Mila to marry him. None of us know where he got all of these details… but he had it all covered, so clearly Mila was wooed, and said yes.

He hasn't forgotten, and we had him over to play for the first time in a while last week. I spy subtly from the kitchen while they walk hand in hand to the corner of the family room, "and now we're getting married, at the temple", Sawyer says.

"Kiss me" ---- yup--- that's my Mila.

And so he leans over and kisses her. And then he says, we got married, because you have a baby in your tummy.

rrrrrrrrr------ there's my record screeching again. Teaching moment?

and so I taught…. about how the marriage comes first and all.

Then while driving to pick up the big girls from preschool, I hear him in the back seat saying, "me and you are going to have babies, and your mommy and daddy are the grandparents, and my mom and dad are the grandparents…. "…. like I said, seriously going on 18… I think Ross will be keeping a close eye on your little Don Juan, Brooke. ;)

But really, these two are something…. and we didn't even plan the matching stripes.


brooke said...

I think the matching shirts were all he could talk about for the next few days...of course the marriage is always talked about too. I just pray that they never get sick of each other. She would be my dream daughter in law! and you, my dream in law, kind of!

moliver said...

Too precious! He sounds like my boys. They start young. Logan has "known his future wife" since he was 2 1/2. He's now almost 6 and going throught the not-playing-with-girls phase. So he says he doesn't want to play with her right now, just marry her later.
Those photos will be great at their wedding slide show 20 years from now. =o)

Kym said...

So adorable! I love this post. how did brooke teach him to be such a gentleman? way to go, brooke!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Oh, I wish Nate was a little nicer to the ladies like Sawyer. :)

To answer your bathing suit question - I got that suit at Modbe!

prashant said...

I just pray that they never get sick of each other.
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