Thursday, May 06, 2010

Did I mention I got a new couch?!

So if you know me, you know I play musical…. stuff. Musical whatever. I like to move stuff. I'm never very sure of my choices. This rug from ikea… I thought I was going to return it, but then when I rolled it out to vacuum it that day… it made me oh so happy! I was never going for orange in this house… so perhaps it doesn't go with a thing. Especially the upholstered chair? But maybe I don't care because it's still making me happy…. and it's past 90 days.

I think I'll paint the coffee table white…. opinions? And the mirror maybe? Or gray? Or yellow? If only the walls weren't so tan…

I don't really know why this is the room I ALWAYS blog… it's the first one you see when you walk in the house, and the one you see from upstairs and down… so I guess it's always on my mind--- and never quite right. But I think I've decided that's half the fun-- and finally given up on this ridiculous notion of being "done" with one's house. Pfft. That's why the world still has teal carpet.

Mother's Day picnic at Sophia's preschool today…. she seems SO old these days. Sometimes I think I've already lost her… like they say happens in Kindergarten. Like more of the day is spent with teachers and friends than mom. She's got such great friends and plays with one of her favorites, Kate almost daily after school, and I love it because it keeps her so active and they play so well together, and Kate is darling. But then I realize that it's only going to get busier from here on out! That phase where their friends opinions become more important than the parents' seemed EONS away--- but now it seems to be hovering just around the corner, like some mangy cat. (Really hurting for an analogy there-- best I got.)

And now that we're all buckled in and moving forward (better? Can you see my imagery?) … I can already see how fast it's all going to go with Mila. And I panic. She's so cute right now I could eat her. Every day I worry I'm not recording enough of what she does and says and sounds like and smells like and how she furrows her brow in the worst stink-eye anyone's ever given. This must be why we just keep having babies. Maybe before I'm done someone will figure out how to freeze time.

Crossing fingers.


Across the Pond said...

I love your living room! I saw it before I read what you wrote and thought to myself 'I love how everything goes together but still looks individual'... I think it all works great!

Kodi said...

Um no, you didn't mention the new couch at ALL! It looks gorgeous. I LOVE it! I'm not even gonna recognize your house by the time I come visit with all your musical-ness. :) Miss you.

Lowdogg said...

Don't paint the coffee table. I think there would be too much white. I like the contrast offered by the darker wood.

If you paint it would you also paint the end tables? White would also be more susceptible to children's artistic urges.

Lacy knows how I think it is a sin to paint a nice wooden piece of furniture. Get the white stuff at Ikea.

Megan Daly said...

Lillie you are so cute. I love your new couch.

I love that tuft furniture look as well as WHITE.

It lightens it up a ton in that room now. So cute.

Christin said...

Okay the couch would NEVER work in my house. My kids would have that thing black in a day. But it looks adorable in yours. I don't know how you keep dirty fingers away.