Monday, May 17, 2010

Some things that are making me happy

This is a 'zone out' past time of mine lately. Perusing pretty pretty blogs… a few that I have bookmarked … with two cats, pink wallpaper, everything LEB, a cup of joe, bottom of the ironing basket, peacock feathers, sf girl by bay, little green notebook… and a few more. Too lazy to link sorry--- but this collage shows a few of my recent save-worthies. You can never get enough light and bright. One of my biggest pet-peeves is a house where the blinds are never drawn… maybe it's because my mom always went around the house opening any that were shut (there were very few) singing "There is sunshine in my soul today!" Open blinds=happy. Except in the morning, during the summer, on my N/E facing windows of course.

We had some flowers planted in our front yard that are making me so happy every time I open my front door or pull up to the driveway. Even though I told the gardener (we live in the desert where nothing lives when we try to plant it ourselves--- don't judge) to do all purple and pink…. and came home one day to all purple and yellow. An impermeable language barrier is the price you pay for a great deal on yard-work.

Sophia got her cast off today. She's so nervous about it still hurting, but it's exciting to see her au-natural again. Especially with swim-season almost here.

My dad's memorial service is set for Friday the 28th in San Diego. I'm so anxious to be with all of my family and be completely justified in talking about him and crying if I want to, all day long. I wish it were sooner.

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S.A.S. said...

So many lovely things in your life - including that your house IS one of those pretty pictures (I actually thought the dining room WAS yours for a minute, that you'd added new chairs:) Love the amarillo accidentally there. Yellow reminds me of you - like your cute flats & sunshine & summery blondeness.

Grateful you'll have the Memorial gathering soon..