Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Office- or some of it

So I never got the pictures I wanted. I realized on Valentines Day when I stopped in Ross's office that I happened to have my camera in my purse (does that make me a true blogger or what?) It was already set in sepia, I snapped a couple, and then the dreaded "out of power." It closed itself and that was all I got. No color, no diploma wall, no room span. But I decided to post them anyway. At least it gives you an idea, for all who were holding their breath for the highly anticipated office photos.
On another note- what is going on with my little animal? She has decided to go from a 7:30 wake up time to 6:30 on Monday, 6:00 Tuesday, and yes... 5:30 today. Lucky for me my sweet husband knows how much I value my bed in the morning and has been the first this week to jump up and get her. But I'm just not the same when the day starts out dark. It's not my thing. I know early mornings breed successful people, but I am a night owl... through and through.

We're having the missionaries for dinner tonight and one is brand new so the other one asked us to have a green meal for the greeny. On the menu-- tortilla soup (greenish from the green enchilada sauce), cornbread (I'm very apprehensively planning on adding green food coloring), green salad of course, and cup cakes with green frosting... because I wanted something I could frost green. Kind of a gross idea but at least it's green. It could be a lot worse, an all white meal? Yuck.
That's all I got.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Trip to the Fair

So we really did it. This weekend, we went to the Indio Date Festival... also known as the Riverside County Fair. Growing up in San Diego, it was tradition to visit the Del Mar Fair during its festivities each year. We've lived here for almost four years now, right next door to our own local fair grounds and every year we say we'll go, and every year it passes, unseen by the Biesingers.

...I don't really think we'll be doing it again. We decided it WAS, just this once, worth the weaving in and out of the carni crowd, the many full figured,latin upper-bums hanging out of low rise jeans, the screaming children that made us fear a trip to the fair turned cute kids into fair freaks, the stench of greasy food mixed with stinky animal, and stinky animal waste...etc.... but just this once. It was worth it to see our fearless daughter try to climb over the little gate at the petting zoo to be one with the sheep, to reach for their faces (which I'm afraid to do) and giggle when they nibbled on the hem of her dress. It was worth it for that, the sunshine, and the funnel cake. That's all. Hence the pictures. (Missy, really glad we didn't put you guys through it, though I would have loved a picture of Sophia and little Aves petting the goat.)

Speaking of pictures. I've decided I might be a little picture happy. So this is my disclaimer. I used to enjoy scrapbooking until Missy got me into the world of blogging. I still like scrapbooking, but the mess is enough to turn me away for a few months. Now, the way I make this a nearly guilt-free hobby, is by classifying it as my digital journal/scrapbook/genealogy. I know the last one is a stretch. :) But I HAVE to include tons of pictures. Where else are they all going to go? So I hope I don't scare anyone away with too many big cheesy Biesinger smiles. But since I called this a disclaimer, pop them out at your own risk.

(Ross told me not to put any in with his Grocery Store sunglasses but I did anyway... he's too handsome.)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

So excited

This is a pole on a big backyard-tent my parents purchased for Kirks '50th-Birthday-Party-1-year-late.' Sophia got a big kick out of snapping the string... I only caught one good snap, but she did it over and over again, each time with that wonderful squeal of delight, an attempt to explain her new game (she would rattle off some energetic fake words), and a full-body shake from all the excitement. The clip doesn't do it justice, but it's pretty cute... and yes, I think my mom says "shiver me timbers."

Thursday, February 22, 2007


So I'm having one of those weeks. The kind that you can't really blog about (because too much complaining cannot be good for the readership ;)) but you're so consumed with said complaints that you end up with nothing left on your mind to blog about. Hmmm. So I think I'll post a few memories. Some happy, happy memories.

These are the lovely lilies Ross got me for Valentines Day. Since we were leaving the next day-- I worried they would die all alone, but came home Monday surprised to see them thriving. One dead and two freshly bloomed. Lovely lilies.

Yup this is Sophia at two months. Could she have been any chunkier? I miss all those rolls- what with her being so skinny now. (In case you can't tell in past pictures... that was written in sarcasm, as she is still deliciously squishy.)

Two pictures from last summer's Hawaii vacation which brings to mind two happy memories: our Hawaii vacation of course (I'm feeling in need of another this week), and BYU Hawaii... where I went for one semester, wish I stayed longer, and met my sweet friend Michelle. It's also where my Grandpa was principal (when it was CCH), and where my mom and dad met.

Here's a picture of Ross and his friends on their ski/snowmobiling mancation. A happy happy memory of mine? ... yeah not really, I'm not going to lie, I'll never love being separated for a long weekend. But it does make me happy that he's such a boy and LOVES any chance to try some new exhausting physical activity. And of course I'm happy that he had fun. (He's the big guy in the middle. I know, they all look the same in those silly hats.)

That's all I got. And he's home now, sick as a dog, planned on coming home early but got too busy and just rolled in at 6:40. Bummer.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Home sweet home

"We're home!" I holler as we pull into the garage, and Sophia claps and claps. Even for a 17 month old... no matter how fun the weekend was, it's always good to be home. So here are some moments at Nana and Papa's: Ian, Tere, and 4 month old Cannon, backyard fun, more fairy wings because I love fuchsia (and spell checked it this time), play time at a park in Coronado (because the beach was WAY too cold), and Papa and Sophia BOTH wearing Sophia's jammies... sort of. (Picture arrangement as good as it's gonna get.)

Ross get's home tonight in about an hour. (Yay!) I can't wait for him to see how cool Sophia is in the morning. I swear she's gotten cuter AND smarter in the last five days. Tonight while I was cleaning up her dinner, I casually asked her if she wanted to take a bath... she disappeared and when I went to find her, she was standing next to the bath tub waiting. Simple I know-- genius to me. :) Obviously we use the word "bath" a lot but I guess since we usually scoop her food-coated body out of her high chair after dinner and drop it right into the bath, she never has a chance to show us that she knows what it means... It was a moment for me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reporting from SD

"Ooooooohhhhhhh" she says, wearing a lovely pair of fuchsia fairy wings.

So we're in San Diego this weekend, just Sophia and I. Ross left Thursday for his ski trip to Utah "with the guys". He went last year too... an annual guy's trip... hmmm... do I see a girls' trip coming? One without, dare I say, my favorite little girl in the universe. Possibly. So Ross and like 5 friends from work stay in this 3600 square foot "cabin" that one of his buddies co-owns in Logan. They spent Friday snowmobiling, and Saturday, and the plan is this coming Monday, skiing. They sleep in, eat a lot of Cafe Rio, sleep in, stay up late, play pool, and sleep in-- a couple of activities which I am pretty jealous of. Can you tell which one is at the forefront of my mind this morning?

Six of Sophia's cousins were here this weekend for Kirk's family birthday party (costume party for the kids, hence Sophia's fairy wings) which meant her and I had to share a room. Seemed kind of sweet to me at first since I was all alone and I like to hear her breathe. But one room definitely means worse sleep for the both of us ...and earlier mornings. Usually she wakes up and hangs in her crib for a good 45 minutes pretty quietly, but when she can see me playing dead just a few feet from her crib... she's not gonna stand for it. "Woah ooohhh wow mama momeee mama woah wow weee mama." This is the bulk of her vocabulary right now. It's super cute... yes...I guess even at 5:50 in the morning.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I feel like I've been a little blog happy... I really do have a life. And I didn't mean to make such a big deal out of these tributes. A long time ago, my friend Missy did a little tribute to her father in law on his birthday and I thought it was so sweet- I had to copy. I figure if I'm going to write about my plants, Sophia's nap schedule, or something else trivial, I may as well write all the wonderful things I usually just think about someone, who's having a special day. Yes I am a mushy mushy girl.

(Some kisses in Hawaii... some kisses in Paris... some kisses in Venice... I love kisses)

So it's Valentine's day. What other day of the year could I get away with posting kissy pictures of Ross and me? Yes. I confess, I love kissy pictures. Ross is very much not a participant in PDA, so he may resent me for this, but I, by myself, am publically displaying our affection. For heaven's sake, it's Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Lacy!

Two posts in one day?! It must be a special occasion. Today, as you might guess from the pictures, is the birthday of my sweet, sweet sister, Lacy.

Those of you who know Lacy, (and there are several of you), I'm sure will be tempted to write wonderful things about her as well. Because she's that kind of girl, the one that EVERYONE thinks wonderful things about.
In Highschool I was, of course, "Lacy's little sister"--and proud to be. :) She was a superstar in Volleyball, Soccer, and Hurdles -- and of course I copied her (but didn't ever catch her.) She was friends with EVERYONE and while known as the good mormon girl, judged no-one. She has always been the peacemaker of the family and even as the one who lives across country, she is the sibling who works to keep us all close. She is in love with other cultures and peoples and makes the world seem a romantic and poetic place. She brings harmony wherever she goes... at least I think so... her husband might disagree on occasion. (But she can't be perfect all the time Joe. And you really shouldn't have driven all the way to the other Lolitas. ;)
She has always been my wise, protective older sister. She would kindly lead me away when I tried to have a conversation with the neighborhood bum growing up (pretty creepy as I think of it now) and boost my spirits when I was terrified to run the 4x4 relay. As close as we were as kids, we've only gotten closer through life. She served a mission and experienced a selflessness I've yet to try- and came home, an even sweeter sister. She may have been afraid for me for the first couple of weeks as I had just done Body For Life and was therefore flaunting my 'slightly more in shape than usual' body (a once in my lifetime event) in too low pants and slightly too short tees. :0 But she loved me the same, and that next year we were finally able to be college roommates. She supported me through dating disasters, mistakes, and miracles..or should I say miracle. She was there when I met Ross. Saw his sweet boyish charm and helped me to eventually choose him. My sister and I, we are a team. We always were growing up... and now, with the whole country between us, still are. She helps me feel peace in my life when it's a little messy, and reminds me that I'm normal when I'm messy. She is as grounded and sincere as they get and reminds me to stay the same.

I love you Lacy! Happy Birthday. There's no card with your gift so read this right before you open it. :)

Just a recap

Ross' parents were here this weekend which made for a great few days for us. Both because we got to spend time with them, and we got to spend time just the two of us. They are so happy to watch Sophia every chance they get which means I got to run errands on Friday, Ross and I got to go decorate his office Saturday afternoon with no interruptions and then go on a date Saturday night.

The office turned out great. I forgot to take pictures but I'm going to send Ross with the camera and make him take some for me this week. There was a plant in there already, we did shelves with blown up sepia photos we took in Venice, Switzerland, and Rome, some arrangements of a couple oil paintings of Europe from his parents, a framed picture of the Wall Street bull that Merrill uses as their symbol, his diploma of course, and one more BIG framed and matted print I got on clearance at Home Goods for $16. He doesn't love the print (it's of Nantucket which he knows nothing about) but we needed something of SIZE in there, so I'll be ordering a new print for the frame. Thanks for your recommendation of Sarah.

(These pictures are just of our lazy Friday night with Ross' parents. Sophia copied her daddy and layed down on the grass next to him. They just 'chilled'. It was cute.)

So when we were through with the office, we headed over to Macaroni Grill for dinner. This is the restaurant Ross took me to on our first date, so we have a special love for it. :) Plus I'm in LOVE with the Terriyaki Salmon w/ spinach orzo pasta. It's spicy but SOOOO good. One of those meals I order every single time and don't even feel guity for not branching out. It's that good.

On Sunday, Ross had his first stake speaking assignment of the year. He's 1st counselor in the Stake YM pres. and has to speak like 6 times a year. Kind of a lot! This week was in the ward that his BOSS was just released as Bishop, so he was there listening which added a level of nerves. He spoke on Elder Oaks' talk "He heals the heavy laden", and gave what was one of the best talks I'VE ever heard. Seriously. I know my husband really well, and unfortunately know his weaknesses as well as his strengths :), speaking in church is a strength. He's not one of those people that's good at B.S.-ing on a topic he doesn't know. But when he knows it, it's obvious. And this stuff, he knows. Needless to say, I was very proud. I have to admit though, I felt a bit nervous myself because I kept thinking, "He looks so cute right now. If I was in the congregation, I would be wondering who his wife was and thinking she'd better be a catch... what if people look at me and I'm all flushed, wrestling with our 17 month old with powdered cheese from the pirates booty in my not quite right bangs?" Sigh. Hopefully people are less judgemental than I. Kidding of course.

That night we BBQ'd the best ribs ever, if anyone ever needs a simple rib recipe, and hung with Ross' folks for one last night watching Tivo'd Idol and Survivor. I might be disappointed with Survivor this season, there's only like one guy that we sort of like so far. We'll see.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My dad, Kirk

(I finally found the pictures I wanted so I edited- for those of you who checked this earlier)

Today is his birthday. 51! My mom forgot to have a big party for him last year so this year is his 'big 50th birthday bash- one year late.' This is a man whose father died when he was only 12, and yet he learned to be an extraordinary father himself. He joined the Navy when he was only 17 and in serving his country, became a man consumed with service. His life is spent for others; the church, his country, his wife, his children, his grandchildren, even his employees. He is wise, SO capable (it seems there's nothing he can't figure out), and funny (at least he thinks so ;)) , and brings laughter to every family gathering. He is not consumed with pride, or material things, but works harder than anyone I know for the people he loves. This is a man who married a woman with six children ranging from eight to 21 and took care of them. He is the reason I have confidence in myself as a daughter, a mother, and a woman. He taught me to rotate tires, change oil, and empty the septic tank on a motor home, none of which I appreciated at the time and all things I hope never to have to do again. But I'm sure in some way, they all still added to my sense of self-worth. He taught me that to survive life and make right choices, you need self-reliance, obedience, a great work ethic, and humor. I have always known that he would do anything for me and my family and thanks to this, I was able to grow up in a world full of chaos and insecurity feeling nothing but safe.

Happy Birthday Kirk. I love you!

Friday, February 09, 2007

A little bit of paradise

A flower bloomed-- actually bloomed in our backyard. We haven't exactly had a lot of luck with that sort of thing, the whole 'live plant' sort of thing. The summer's are too hot but then the winter quickly turns a little too cold for the "desert" flowers (yeah, if their desert plants why can't they survive the 120 degree weather? Don't know.) So this was kind of exciting. Just thought I'd share our lovely little Bird of Paradise with you.
Ross' parents are here this weekend, so I might be a baby-free woman on mad errands today. Woohoo! Thank you Mom and Dad B!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So little!

Just days old, this is the one we used for her birth announcement... what a little GIRL huh?

This is Sophia at 6 weeks

And these are her jelly bean toes...

Just a little trip down memory lane... and a way to replace the scary picture you saw last time you checked my blog. (I thought it was cool, but Ross said it was freaky and when I looked back... it was pretty freaky... sorry. I don't have any weird, morbid take on love or anything.)


I just saw this archaeological find online, and thought it was really sweet, creepy I know, but sweet --and fitting seeing as Valentines Day is coming. Bodies buried in an embrace- really sad because they could tell the bodies were young, but really romantic.

I love romance. Can't wait for Valentines Day. Sadly, Ross leaves the following day for a ski trip to Utah, but the actual holiday should be nice...Right Ross? Speaking of romance... or love... or some lighter degree of it... here's a little list of:

Things I love:
-self tanner
-peep toe shoes
Sophia's thigh rolls
-banana palms
-that vonage commercial where the really hot girl gets dumped by the super nerdy, chunky kid who get's hit by a vonage box.
-Arrested Development- super funny show on DVD now
-open mouth kisses from Sophia
-warm sunshine and cool air

Things I ... don't love (hate is a pretty strong word)

-hearing mom's yell at their kids in public
-my bangs
-that depression commercial that makes you depressed: the one with the sad little girl in a tiara and the mom who's too sad to play with her. Ugghhh... HATE it.
-heat- yup and I live where I live
-when I forget to advance the wash and everything smells like mildew (Does anyone else do that?!)
-Food For Less
-hormel chili (seeing the name on the grocery game list while I was pregnant made me sick and now I hate it- haven't even tried it. )

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love weekends

Love super bowl parties. Love junk food. Hate the aftermath. My house was a sty and my midsection... well... if one day's damage can really expand it, it did. The whole weekend was fun. Saturday we went to our little street fair, enjoyed the $4 open bag of kettle corn- filled to the rim, and a frozen lemonade. The picture above is Sophia enjoying the latter. (Note the strategically pinned bangs.) I mention only the food because the actual merchandise at this particular street fair is catered primarily to, shall we say, a wiser generation. (Did anyone notice the "geriatric” comments made on "24" about Palm Springs?... yeah, they've definitely got something.) So we just focus on the weather, the snacks, and the fact that the park is nearby.

After the street fair, we went to Ross' new office to take inventory of what he didn't have. Sophia enjoyed his swivel chair and double screen computer while we wandered the office stealing ideas. Today I think I'll go pick up some stuff.
Very exciting news, my sister-in-law, Kim is GIVING me her old, black, oval, pedestal kitchen table from Pottery Barn in exchange for a weekend of babysitting!!! Yeah, not quite an even trade. I'm SOOO excited because a while back I found a black hutch for my dining room on sale at Target for $75. Yup. So I got it (as a Birthday gift from my mom), but my dining room has looked so silly with the black hutch and a cherry dining table. It seems too good to be true. A matching dining room! I can't wait to decorate it, now that it will have so much promise. Pictures to come I'm sure.