Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Lacy!

Two posts in one day?! It must be a special occasion. Today, as you might guess from the pictures, is the birthday of my sweet, sweet sister, Lacy.

Those of you who know Lacy, (and there are several of you), I'm sure will be tempted to write wonderful things about her as well. Because she's that kind of girl, the one that EVERYONE thinks wonderful things about.
In Highschool I was, of course, "Lacy's little sister"--and proud to be. :) She was a superstar in Volleyball, Soccer, and Hurdles -- and of course I copied her (but didn't ever catch her.) She was friends with EVERYONE and while known as the good mormon girl, judged no-one. She has always been the peacemaker of the family and even as the one who lives across country, she is the sibling who works to keep us all close. She is in love with other cultures and peoples and makes the world seem a romantic and poetic place. She brings harmony wherever she goes... at least I think so... her husband might disagree on occasion. (But she can't be perfect all the time Joe. And you really shouldn't have driven all the way to the other Lolitas. ;)
She has always been my wise, protective older sister. She would kindly lead me away when I tried to have a conversation with the neighborhood bum growing up (pretty creepy as I think of it now) and boost my spirits when I was terrified to run the 4x4 relay. As close as we were as kids, we've only gotten closer through life. She served a mission and experienced a selflessness I've yet to try- and came home, an even sweeter sister. She may have been afraid for me for the first couple of weeks as I had just done Body For Life and was therefore flaunting my 'slightly more in shape than usual' body (a once in my lifetime event) in too low pants and slightly too short tees. :0 But she loved me the same, and that next year we were finally able to be college roommates. She supported me through dating disasters, mistakes, and miracles..or should I say miracle. She was there when I met Ross. Saw his sweet boyish charm and helped me to eventually choose him. My sister and I, we are a team. We always were growing up... and now, with the whole country between us, still are. She helps me feel peace in my life when it's a little messy, and reminds me that I'm normal when I'm messy. She is as grounded and sincere as they get and reminds me to stay the same.

I love you Lacy! Happy Birthday. There's no card with your gift so read this right before you open it. :)


Lindsay & Weston said...

Maybe it's because my hormones are slightly unbalanced, but that post brought me to tears. :) Maybe it's because Lacy is the older sister I should have been? That's so wonderful that you two have always been close. I have that relationship with my little sister now, but I definitely missed out on that in highschool.

Once again, love the birthday tributes.

Laci and the Girls said...

Oh Lillie that was the sweetest. Made me cry thinking about my sisters. Isn't it the best! My mom was here visiting and reminded me that your mom asked permission to use the name Lacy because she loved it so much after I was born. Oh, she is so much more of a woman than I!!! :) That is just a priceless tribute....you should consider "tributing" as a career! Haha Oh, and that picture of the two of you in uniform is EXACTLY what I remember you looking like. Too fun!

Lowdogg said...

Don't tell my wife, but I think I just fell in love with this Lacy person. Hot-tee!

Seriously, you do such a nice job of writing these tributes. This one brought tears to my eyes. I didn't even try to write anything like this on my blog. It really makes me look forward to my birthday in August.

Just kidding, really. No one would expect you to do this all the time for every friend and family member who has a birthday. That's a lot of pressure. Thanks for being such a great friend to Lacy (and me). Going to St Thomas made us think of how fun taking a trip with you and Ross would be.

Missy said...

OH...Happy Birthday Lacy! She is such a genuine person. Really. One that everyone looks at and questions themself and then thinks, "how can I be more like her?"

Happy Day. A day before Valentine's? What a great birthday.

Sarah said...

Lacy, happy birthday!

Not only are your legs beautiful (love the twinser shot of you and Lil), but the rest of you is too. I've always LOVED the balanced duo of the Frisch sisters,and remember so many great times in La Jolla and at your house on University. Lace, you are a truly kind, geniune, and lovely person. And SO much fun. I miss you and hope your birthday was wonderful (sorry a day late!!).

Lil, you really are an amazing tributer. It makes me want to be your wife or daughter to hear what you'd have to say. Always making people feel warm and loved, that's Lillie. Love you on this day of love!!

Lacy said...

Lillie you are such a good sister and friend. Thanks for making me feel so special every day, not just on my birthday. I love that track picture of the two of us. You with your fuller face and me and my puffy hair- we were so young and cute. Aging is so weird (and weird that I'm already worried about it). I wish I could go back to high school and look like that again but you win the prize for getting more beautiful every year! And, you do such a wonderful job at making so many people feel good as they read your blog. Keep it up because we love it. Love you! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks Missy and Sarah- you guys are too nice.