Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just a recap

Ross' parents were here this weekend which made for a great few days for us. Both because we got to spend time with them, and we got to spend time just the two of us. They are so happy to watch Sophia every chance they get which means I got to run errands on Friday, Ross and I got to go decorate his office Saturday afternoon with no interruptions and then go on a date Saturday night.

The office turned out great. I forgot to take pictures but I'm going to send Ross with the camera and make him take some for me this week. There was a plant in there already, we did shelves with blown up sepia photos we took in Venice, Switzerland, and Rome, some arrangements of a couple oil paintings of Europe from his parents, a framed picture of the Wall Street bull that Merrill uses as their symbol, his diploma of course, and one more BIG framed and matted print I got on clearance at Home Goods for $16. He doesn't love the print (it's of Nantucket which he knows nothing about) but we needed something of SIZE in there, so I'll be ordering a new print for the frame. Thanks for your recommendation of art.com Sarah.

(These pictures are just of our lazy Friday night with Ross' parents. Sophia copied her daddy and layed down on the grass next to him. They just 'chilled'. It was cute.)

So when we were through with the office, we headed over to Macaroni Grill for dinner. This is the restaurant Ross took me to on our first date, so we have a special love for it. :) Plus I'm in LOVE with the Terriyaki Salmon w/ spinach orzo pasta. It's spicy but SOOOO good. One of those meals I order every single time and don't even feel guity for not branching out. It's that good.

On Sunday, Ross had his first stake speaking assignment of the year. He's 1st counselor in the Stake YM pres. and has to speak like 6 times a year. Kind of a lot! This week was in the ward that his BOSS was just released as Bishop, so he was there listening which added a level of nerves. He spoke on Elder Oaks' talk "He heals the heavy laden", and gave what was one of the best talks I'VE ever heard. Seriously. I know my husband really well, and unfortunately know his weaknesses as well as his strengths :), speaking in church is a strength. He's not one of those people that's good at B.S.-ing on a topic he doesn't know. But when he knows it, it's obvious. And this stuff, he knows. Needless to say, I was very proud. I have to admit though, I felt a bit nervous myself because I kept thinking, "He looks so cute right now. If I was in the congregation, I would be wondering who his wife was and thinking she'd better be a catch... what if people look at me and I'm all flushed, wrestling with our 17 month old with powdered cheese from the pirates booty in my not quite right bangs?" Sigh. Hopefully people are less judgemental than I. Kidding of course.

That night we BBQ'd the best ribs ever, if anyone ever needs a simple rib recipe, and hung with Ross' folks for one last night watching Tivo'd Idol and Survivor. I might be disappointed with Survivor this season, there's only like one guy that we sort of like so far. We'll see.


Lauren said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. It is definitely nice of Ross's parents to be so willing to watch Sophia. I'm sure that she has a blast with Grandpa and Grandma, too! It sounds like the office is wonderful- want pics. Teriyaki Salmon sounds delicious as well as those good ribs! Can you get me the recipe? Would love that as Joseph loves ribs. That's great that Ross did well speaking in church- I'm one of those people who can't BS on topics either. I'm sure that you looked beautiful and please, I want to see wedding pictures and BANGS. I have yet to see the bangs and I'm sure that you look fabulous.

Lindsay & Weston said...

How nice that you got to spend time with just Ross. And please, please, please send pictures of his office. It sounds great!

I too would love to see your bangs & although I was at your wedding, I would love to see wedding pictures again too.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

another similarity between me and you...i too have a husband who I would list "speaking in church" on his strengths side. I remember even when we were dating, he spoke and I thought to myself "this is a man who I would be PROUD to sit next to on a stand, as a married couple, for the thousands of meetings we could go to where he might have to speak in our lives, because of how well he does it." very cool. one of those never knew I wanted but got deals.

alone time, what IS that? sounds fabulous, we're going to have to copy you. heading to my folks again this weekend (we don't normally go this regularly) for my brother's un-farewell on sunday, and it's brandon's birthday on saturday, so I'm stoked to get to go on a REAL date, without babysitting worries. dinner AND a movie? really, both?

sorry that I was the one who brought up the wedding pictures. talk about buggy. I give you full permission to NOT show us after all. (even though there would be tons of oohing and aahhing all over cyperspace if you did.)

one more thing...it's too bad all those onlookers at church don't know that you are as nice a person as you are gorgeous! bangs and all! you know, normally the two don't go hand in hand. but you defy all odds! :) way to be.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

oh and one more thing. sophia is gorgeous too! :) thanks for those sweet pics..love em.

Lowdogg said...

You've written some good stuff while we were lazing away in the Caribbean. I'll put some pics on later today. Glad to know you are so eager.

No surprise that Ross is a good speaker. I'm sure he appreciates your support. He talk de Engris rill good, ya?

Those are great pictures of Ross and Sophia.

Missy said...

Oh Lil, what a wonderful weekend for you guys! His office sounds absolutely perfect.

I'm so indecisive b/c now Sophia looks like you in those pics when just a few days ago she looked exactly like Ross.

Nice that your in-laws are there to visit and babysit and give you guys alone time. Always nice to actually go out instead of just put baby to bed and have time as just you two again.

Send me the ribs recipe, please?!

Erin said...

What a fun weekend! Grandparents are the best because they eat up any time they can get with the little ones. I love Macaroni Grill too...except when I was pregnant, I could not eat there because anything that had to do with pasta just made my stomach churn. Love it now. It sounds like you made Ross' office look amazing...I'm not surprised, how could you have even doubted yourself? I like how you gave it a personal touch with pictures of you and Ross in fantastic locations!! Great idea, I may have to remember that one. Love ya, Lill...love your blog.

Sarah said...

Lil, your readership is outstanding. You really have a following now! The pics of Soph and Ross lazing on the lawn are among my favorites ever. Totally priceless. And I want to see the sephia pics you put up of your travels - can you post? Ross's office is lucky to have your decorating touch. Your style always spilled over from closet to everything else you touch (book making, decorating, etc.). Will you give me tips when you come here?

I love Ross's parents (so welcoming) and am so glad they can come visit and play with Sophia. She has amazing grandparents on both sides. Ross time to yourself - heavenly. And the Macaroni Grill reminds me of you. Tell Ross we're waiting for the documentation of his office, and congrats again!!