Thursday, February 22, 2007


So I'm having one of those weeks. The kind that you can't really blog about (because too much complaining cannot be good for the readership ;)) but you're so consumed with said complaints that you end up with nothing left on your mind to blog about. Hmmm. So I think I'll post a few memories. Some happy, happy memories.

These are the lovely lilies Ross got me for Valentines Day. Since we were leaving the next day-- I worried they would die all alone, but came home Monday surprised to see them thriving. One dead and two freshly bloomed. Lovely lilies.

Yup this is Sophia at two months. Could she have been any chunkier? I miss all those rolls- what with her being so skinny now. (In case you can't tell in past pictures... that was written in sarcasm, as she is still deliciously squishy.)

Two pictures from last summer's Hawaii vacation which brings to mind two happy memories: our Hawaii vacation of course (I'm feeling in need of another this week), and BYU Hawaii... where I went for one semester, wish I stayed longer, and met my sweet friend Michelle. It's also where my Grandpa was principal (when it was CCH), and where my mom and dad met.

Here's a picture of Ross and his friends on their ski/snowmobiling mancation. A happy happy memory of mine? ... yeah not really, I'm not going to lie, I'll never love being separated for a long weekend. But it does make me happy that he's such a boy and LOVES any chance to try some new exhausting physical activity. And of course I'm happy that he had fun. (He's the big guy in the middle. I know, they all look the same in those silly hats.)

That's all I got. And he's home now, sick as a dog, planned on coming home early but got too busy and just rolled in at 6:40. Bummer.


Missy said...

Lovely post Lillie. It says so much about you. You take care of your readers, you revel in your daughter's beauty and you share in the happiness of others (in this case, your husband's mancation).

Love it Lil. Hope you are well.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey lillie..thank heavens for happy memories, when blah weeks happen. okay, first, that sumo wrestling baby picture is AWESOME! :) A fun stage between tiny tiny newborn and walking, gabbering toddler (I also know, though, that there are many other stages, and am looking forward to glimpses of those as well.)

Also, no one can make me feel quite so special as you can, in the friend department. thanks for being that kind of a friend. I have a feeling you're like that with everyone, which is why I include this thought in my comments. but I just wanted you to know how good it makes me feel. thanks! :)

Sarah said...

Lillie, lover of the lily,
They've become one of my favorite flowers due to their delightful smell, and name that reminds me of my sweet, beautiful, life-improving friend. Can you please return the email 'favor' with some of the frustrations? I love to hear them, makes me feel normal:)
Love you!