Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday... sigh

A friend of mine just emailed me about a closeout sale at Modbe. So if anyone is in need of any of those Shade knock-offs, I just stocked up on my basics (cream cami, cream cap sleeve, a couple shirts for Sophia, etc...) for like $5 a piece. Online they're like $10 but through this girl Stacy Mitchell in Florida, they're even less. I'm pretty sure they're like $18 through Shade. You just check out the website and then tell her over the phone what you want. I got a puffy vest for $7.50 (I think), some cargo pants for the same, a super cute hoodie for Sophia for $5, and more. The email I got said to call her by last night, but I didn't get it until this morning and it was fine. But I think it's probably got a timer on it, so if you're interested, her number is 1-863-533-7080. I promise I don't sell this stuff or anything. But I love good sales and figured I wasn't the only one.

Hope that wasn't against blog etiquette. I thought about just emailing you girls that I thought might care, but I guess I'm even more turned off by most mass emails than possible blog advertisement (??)

So Ross is off playing flag football which is why I'm shopping and blogging on a Saturday morning. I wish we could go watch him but it's right during Sophia's nap. When he gets back and she wakes up, we're off to the Saturday morning street fair for some great weather and kettle corn, and then to Ross' new OFFICE! Yup. Ross got an office, he's out of the bull pen!-- a very big deal. It takes a lot of guys at Merrill a LONG time before they get their own office, so needless to say, I'm very proud of him. One more step toward grown-up-hood. (?) Now we've got to frame his diploma and get some cool artwork that's supposed to inspire conversation with his clients, and... I don't know what else. If anyone has any wonderful office decorating ideas, please share. Seeing as I've never had a real office, decorating one is not my forte, but since I'm the wife, I'm pretty sure it's my job.

I just finished my last Ferrero Rocher from Christmas... we might officially be out of chocolate in the house. Oh no.


Brandon or Michelle. said...

Hey, I'm here in utah at my folks', and we just got back from the Modbe warehouse. isn't that funny? they were actually basically out there, so everyone, go through lillie's friend instead...but i too snagged some cheap cargo pants, and a 3/4 fun in all states, I guess. :) and we might have to check out the website too. :)

hooray for Ross getting an office! it IS an important step, congrats. as for decorations, you'll do fine on that, no worries! plants are good too..that palm in your front room is a beauty.

I wish we all lived closer. period.(yes, including all you lillie friends..I know we would all get along.) then lillie, I could read your blog and then MEET you at the street fair. sigh. someday everyone, someday.

Lillie said...

'Chelle- (realized from your brother that this is how I should spell your name) Did the cargo pants fit cute? I'm always scared to order when I can't try on.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

pretty cute..:) the ones I have are a little bit weird, because there's the option to roll them up and tie on one side, and when they're long, the tie just hangs long...but I'm always looking for "chill pants." you know, pants that don't look like jammies completely for wearing around the house all day, but are more comfy than jeans all day..and these are perfect for that! midnight blue too. :) bold color, I'll actually have to wear something other than black on top! i would have gone for the green ones, but they didn't have them in my size.
all in all, just fine! :) and I think shell is easier. :) so that's okay too. peace out!

Missy said...

Hey, Devin was out today too...we were both home with our babies.

Congrats to Ross. I'm sure you'll do well in the decorating office space. Just don't decorate it like how Michael's office is in the show and it'll look great.

Modbe. My friend Jill says those are the best shirts out of all the modest layering shirts around. It's Saturday night now, too late to call Florida. Would she mind if I called on Monday? I doubt she's working tomorrow. Or can I email you and you call her tomorrow?

Lindsay & Weston said...

Tell Ross congrats. What a tribute to him to move up so quickly! Decorating an office is actually pretty fun. We're in the process of re-doing mine and my dad's right now & it has been fun to look for artwork. Although, I don't have any clients, per say, in my office so it pretty much is just an extension of my house. Good luck! You'll do a great job.

Genny said...

I want shirts too! But am freaked about calling a stranger. Does she take email orders?? Is it too late?

Lillie said...

Missy/ Genny- So I don't actually know the girl in Florida either. I got a mass email from a friend in my ward here who must know her. I'm assuming she sent out the email because Stacy in Florida wanted the advertisement. So there's definitely no harm in trying a couple of days late. She has an email too, I emailed her first and she emailed me right back and told me to call her. So I didn't even give it to you guys. Sorry, I guess it would be easier to start there and she could email you back whether or not it's too late. They have cute pull over hoodies for little girls too (since you both have one). 4T Missy, but cute for the future for $5.

Denae said...

I just bought one of their swimsuits on clearance for $20 and I love it. They have cute stuff.

s.a.s. said...

Lil, look at you bringing together the people through modest clothing:) Great stuff, and if you ever need more shirts and the modbe site isn't having a sale... try downeast's version of the Shade. It's regular price is $10 and they're great.

Congratulations to Ross, but really to you all since an achievement of Dad's is an achievement for all!!! That's a really big deal! As for office decor, my favorite thing about mine is the red wall and my picture of the capital w/ red tulips. I ordered prints for our whole office on (I think..there are a few sites) and webshots (believe it or not). There are some great websites where you can order custom-made mats and frames for cheap. Or my other favorite thing to do is buy a wall-hung framed picture or Mirror at TJ Maxx or Ross, take it apart, and put my own print in. I got this great copper frame out of a mirror that way - just ordered a mat and voila! And Ross/TJ have great plant stands - I agree with Michelle about the plants. Every office needs something that breathes.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post. I love your life. Love it.