Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reporting from SD

"Ooooooohhhhhhh" she says, wearing a lovely pair of fuchsia fairy wings.

So we're in San Diego this weekend, just Sophia and I. Ross left Thursday for his ski trip to Utah "with the guys". He went last year too... an annual guy's trip... hmmm... do I see a girls' trip coming? One without, dare I say, my favorite little girl in the universe. Possibly. So Ross and like 5 friends from work stay in this 3600 square foot "cabin" that one of his buddies co-owns in Logan. They spent Friday snowmobiling, and Saturday, and the plan is this coming Monday, skiing. They sleep in, eat a lot of Cafe Rio, sleep in, stay up late, play pool, and sleep in-- a couple of activities which I am pretty jealous of. Can you tell which one is at the forefront of my mind this morning?

Six of Sophia's cousins were here this weekend for Kirk's family birthday party (costume party for the kids, hence Sophia's fairy wings) which meant her and I had to share a room. Seemed kind of sweet to me at first since I was all alone and I like to hear her breathe. But one room definitely means worse sleep for the both of us ...and earlier mornings. Usually she wakes up and hangs in her crib for a good 45 minutes pretty quietly, but when she can see me playing dead just a few feet from her crib... she's not gonna stand for it. "Woah ooohhh wow mama momeee mama woah wow weee mama." This is the bulk of her vocabulary right now. It's super cute... yes...I guess even at 5:50 in the morning.


Brandon or Michelle. said...

I'm going through that SAME thing right now, visiting parents in utah. Zane sleeps in the crib for the first part of the night, but without fail is up at 1am, whining "mama...."
So I stick him in the rommy king size bed, thinking we'll be continents apart, and that it will be a little "romantic" (in a non-sick way) watching my little one and hearing him breathe for a little while, but then we'll both sleep fine...but then he's RIGHT next to me all night, wiggling and sighing and turning and a BUGGIN! and same thing as you, he's up early, acting as though he's had the best sleep ever, and I'm wiped out!
I love visiting relatives, but this is definitely one of the reasons I'm happy when it's time to head home.
Ross' activities sound WAY too fun not to copy someday...(except without all the boy things that I'm sure are going on that you're too proper to mention, thank goodness) :)

Denae said...

How fun for Ross. You definitely need to take your turn and have a girls trip... just to be fair (o:. And sleeping in the same rooms with babies? I agree with you... so hard. And tiring. Cute fairy wings though. I love little girls.

Rossco said...

It's not all fun and games during these boys trips or as we like to call them "mancations". Skiing and sledding is tough work, and it should be viewed as such. Obviously I don't mean a word of that, but I do want to say how much I appreciate my wonderful wife allowing me to come on these vacations, and I promise her if she would like to do a trip of her own, she is more than welcome. See, now it's in writing, and out for everyone to see so go on ahead and start planning something.

Lowdogg said...

Good call on the response Ross. Very wise. You are to be praised. Hope you're having a good time.

The Lowry's agree that Sophia gets cuter everyday.

Lauren said...

Sophia's wings are sooo cute! I swear she gets more and more adorable every time you post another picture. I'm sorry about the lack of sleep. We have the same problem with our kids on vacation, too. And, right now with me nursing Taggart, he grunts and makes noises and it's not very fun. That's great that Ross is having his "mancation" and I'm sure that you'll have fun on your girl's trip when you have one!

Lauren said...

Sorry, but I forgot to say that I love your bangs! Please more pictures!

Lindsay & Weston said...

Love the fairy wings & the bangs. Definitely think you should do a girls trip sometime soon! Ross' trip sounds great. Everyone needs those once in a while.

Sarah said...

Love the wings.
Love the bangs (really, you look fantastic!).

And HELLO?! I heard that Ross!! Lillie - DC for the cherry blossoms, what do you say?! Missy, are you there? Come on girls, let's make this happen. Late May or June would be amazing too. We'll have fun no matter what, but I'd love to host a little DC vacation if you're up for it:)

Sleeping in the same room as a baby? I remember getting kicked a lot last time I did that. So fun that you got to play dress up with the cousins though, Sophia looks darlingly pink!

Think about this trip thing. I'm serious.

Missy said...

Oh...DC in the spring? If the vacation were food, my mouth would be watering. I may have to present the idea to Devin. But, he doesn't take any mancations?! We'll see.
How perfect would that be for us three!

Avery has the same wings, but they are yellow. Love 'em and I see you posted a sly picture of your bangs, which I LOVE. It makes me want to run out the cut bangs, but don't worry, I won't. They wouldn't look nearly as cute on me. They are so you, Lillie.