Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just saw this archaeological find online, and thought it was really sweet, creepy I know, but sweet --and fitting seeing as Valentines Day is coming. Bodies buried in an embrace- really sad because they could tell the bodies were young, but really romantic.

I love romance. Can't wait for Valentines Day. Sadly, Ross leaves the following day for a ski trip to Utah, but the actual holiday should be nice...Right Ross? Speaking of romance... or love... or some lighter degree of it... here's a little list of:

Things I love:
-self tanner
-peep toe shoes
Sophia's thigh rolls
-banana palms
-that vonage commercial where the really hot girl gets dumped by the super nerdy, chunky kid who get's hit by a vonage box.
-Arrested Development- super funny show on DVD now
-open mouth kisses from Sophia
-warm sunshine and cool air

Things I ... don't love (hate is a pretty strong word)

-hearing mom's yell at their kids in public
-my bangs
-that depression commercial that makes you depressed: the one with the sad little girl in a tiara and the mom who's too sad to play with her. Ugghhh... HATE it.
-heat- yup and I live where I live
-when I forget to advance the wash and everything smells like mildew (Does anyone else do that?!)
-Food For Less
-hormel chili (seeing the name on the grocery game list while I was pregnant made me sick and now I hate it- haven't even tried it. )


Sarah said...

I love reading such lists - and will surely copy you tomorrow. Aren't peep toe shoes great? And every time you mention blackberries on your blog, I want them. I love Sophia's thigh rolls too, and wouldn't it be great if we could all list our thighs on a list of enjoyable things. I don't like black olives either! Green? Love them. Mmm... green olives, cheese, meat and bread was my favorite meal in Italy. And PLEASE can we see the BANGS?? Miss Universe cut bangs (she was on Larry King), so it must still be hip:)

Sarah said...

Oops I forgot to tell you that I forget all the time to advance my laundry and have to re-wash, and that I would love to hear your picks for self-tanner as I've been way too chicken to try it, but would love to keep this Mexico glow... Please share!

Lillie said...

Sarah- I use Loreal sublime bronze medium deep for body (you can get it at Target or anywhere like $7), and Clinique face tanner (More expensive- get it at Clinique counter of course). They used to terrify me because of the whole orange thing. But skin cancer scares me a lot worse now and I haven't been able to pull off the pasty beautiful thing yet-- so until then, it's more regular than make-up for me. Right out of the shower, lube up, let it dry, get dressed... do it every day for a few and then a couple days a week or whenever you want to feel cute the next day. Body one kind of stinks but this one's better than others I've tried and you're the only one that will notice. It's worth it to me. Be careful to rub around underarm and on inside of arm, I wash hands and then rub wrists together. The face one, I barely use less than a pea size drop- most on forehead and cheeks, quick smooth rub everywhere else.

Too much information?

Sarah said...

No! Exactly what I was wondering actually. The orange thing scares me to death, then just before Mexico, my boss shows up with this totally natural looking tan... as if we didn't live in an ice box. He attributed it to self-tanner (which made me laugh cuz he's 60), so here I am re-thinking. And now YOU love it too?! Sold. I'm going to try a little bit very soon. Thanks for the tips!!

Laci and the Girls said...

Hi Lillie! I have to post so I don't feel like a "lurker" anymore. I know we've met at some point in our lives. Our moms are best friends (my mom is Trudy Olmstead). I'm Laci. My lil sis found or "came accross" your blog and told me about it. I've loved checking in to see what your family is up to. I was playing volleyball at BYU when Byron was there, and I was at BYU-Hawaii playing when Ryan was there too. You are darling, have an adorable family and remind me so much of your beautiful mom. So there, now I don't feel like a creepy lurker :) I'm living in Henderson, NV, my hubby is finishing his pediatric residency and we've got 4 little girlies. So fun!!

Laci and the Girls said...

oops, I thought my blog name would come up with my post. go to and hopefully you'll recognize me :)

Lindsay & Weston said...

I too might have to copy you on your list of loves. Wes is gone almost the entire week of Valentines Day....sad for me! The ironic thing is so is my sister's husband so we might just make it a girls week.

Missy said...

How do people constantly "come across" your blog Lillie? It seems like everyone has randomly come across your blog. Regardless, it's a treat.

Loved your list. And I too wish we could all say "thighs" are our favorite thing. Alas, they are not. But, our babies sure are. It's even more fun to kiss their lovable thighs.

So, I loved the detail of your self-tanner, but Lil...I'm still afraid to do it. Maybe you can show me it when we come visit.

Just bought blackberries this morning. We are so on the same wave length. And Sarah - you kill me. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Such a macabre post