Friday, February 09, 2007

A little bit of paradise

A flower bloomed-- actually bloomed in our backyard. We haven't exactly had a lot of luck with that sort of thing, the whole 'live plant' sort of thing. The summer's are too hot but then the winter quickly turns a little too cold for the "desert" flowers (yeah, if their desert plants why can't they survive the 120 degree weather? Don't know.) So this was kind of exciting. Just thought I'd share our lovely little Bird of Paradise with you.
Ross' parents are here this weekend, so I might be a baby-free woman on mad errands today. Woohoo! Thank you Mom and Dad B!


Sarah said...

That grows in your BACKYARD?! Beautiful! So exotic - it reminds me of Hawaii of course, and Mexico, and all places tropical. It's the flower that I never really thought existed when I worked with silk ones at Michael's - but amazingly enough... And you have your own!!

Fun that Ross's parents are down. I'll bet they're having a great time with their granddaughter, and so fun for you to have a few minutes to run around. Do something you normally wouldn't.

Keep up the photos of your yard, I want to see more!

Lindsay & Weston said...

I definitely understand the struggle with getting things to grow. At least you have a nice size backyard so you can experiment with plants. I've tried a few things in our front yard but I'm offically convinced that Nevada has the absolute worst dirt possible to plant in. We had a landscape architect come to our house this morning to bid out doing our yard...which isn't big enough to call a yard....more of a patio area. But, we're excited to have a planter with nice soil to plant in!

Keep sending pictures of your beautiful backyard. I've recently REALLY enjoyed having lots of "live" things inside. Trader Joes always has great flowered plants that add some color at least to the inside, since I can't have it on the outside!

Sorry for the long comment. :)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey lillie :) beautiful! sometimes everything about you seems beautiful. :) even your desert plants! and what a fun weekend you'll have, I love grandparents! :) best babysitters in the world. you feel no guilt, because you know they're enjoying the heck out of it.
I wonder if you could grow veggies there in the winter? is it unheard of there? is that bird of paradise right in the ground, or in a planter? hmmm.. :)

Laci and the Girls said...

So glad you remember me :) Yes, 4 girls was my dream so it's seriously AMAZING!! They are the best! Short hair for me right now, although I'm just beginning to think my life can handle taking care of "longer" hair again haha. We'll see. You know about hair trauma right :) I KNOW your bangs are adorable, but I understand how it feels to HATE something about your hair. Frustrating! Yep, all us Olmstead's are dark! So funny. The twins aren't's killing me, they are so cute and fun. Hopefully soon. Yes, the swing set is from Costco and it's the BEST! We really did our homework before purchasing. The are FOR SURE worth what you pay. We looked at the exact model somewhere else for 1000 more! Costco is so great! K, won't blab on. So fun to hear from you though. Here are the other blogs from the fam:
That's all for now. I've seen Lacy's cute blog, does anyone else have one in your fam??