Thursday, February 01, 2007


I know I said this a long time ago-- but these pictures are in honor of having my living room back. Christmas free. Love the holiday-- love the take down. Love blue.

We've been sick, Sophia and I. Yuck. Lots of congestion, one VERY runny nose, a couple of sore throats, gnarly coughs, head aches, and everything-else-aches... and of course several bad nights because of it. Yeah back when I went on and on about how I was sure she was just teething because as a mom you "just know"...I didn't know. I was all wrong. She was getting sick yet again. She does have some molars back there-- so maybe she was suffering from both and I'm not a total idiot.

Yes I cut bangs. So far, I hate them. :) I knew that's how I would feel. It's kind of a problem I have. I hate the thought of ALWAYS having the same hair so I often feel determined to try something new (like when I dyed it DARK brown... NOT Ross' favorite), but I always seem to come back to the same old do... and I'm starting to think that it's for a reason.

Some of us just look best one way. I'm all about going with your one best look in clothing. I decided a long time ago that I don't care if people see me in the same jeans every day. If one pair make my bum look it's best, THAT'S the pair I want to be seen in. I'd rather people think I'm a girl with a limited wardrobe, but a cute bum, than one with a large wardrobe... and a large bum. It's the same reason I wear the same t-shirt every day and the same "go-out" shoes every weekend. By the same token, many things will come in style that WON'T flatter all of us (ME!) I'll want desperately to be a part in all the fashion fun, but realize quickly that I will never look good in belted waists or skinny jeans. And if I force myself to wear them, I will quickly be a girl who, while in fashion, has an abnormally large and magnified middle, a horrible thigh to ankle ratio, and a large bum I'm sure (because who's found the perfect skinny jean that works in all the other weird places they need to AND flatters the bum?)

So while bangs have been in and out for who-knows-how-long, this is my third time trying and yes, sigh (Sarah, I stole that from you), my third time failing. I guess I'm going to have to apply the clothing theory to my hair. Just because they're in, or different from what I have... or pretty on Reese Witherspoon, does not mean they will work for me. So for now... no pictures on the blog, and many days of a strategically placed bobby pin.


Lauren said...

Your house is SO cute! I'm totally jealous and want you to come and decorate mine! I am loving having my house Christmas free- again- as well. Sorry to hear that you and Sophia have been sick. My kids just got over colds, Grace having an ear infection. Not fun! I'm sure that your hair is super cute. Just give it some time and you'll probably love the bangs, but please I'm dying to see pictures! By the way, I hope it's ok that I linked you on my page. Go check it out!

Missy said...

I think once the bangs grow out a tiny bit, you'll love them. Do post a picture, even if it's in the bobby pin.

Your house does look adorable. Can you post more pictures of each of the rooms? That way I can get some ideas too...

I hope you get feeling better. Colds are the worst being a mom b/c you still have to go about doing normal life. Thanks for updating though!

Lindsay & Weston said...

I too would like to see a picture of your cute bangs. I'm sure the rest of us will think they look great! I too LOVE your house and whenever you get new decorating ideas....pass them my way!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

what are you talking about, abnormally large middle? I DREAM of having your middle. those pictures of your cutting technique left me sighing with "why can't my torso be that long and gorgeous" thoughts. seriously, my chub is undeniable, while yours is ....I'm still looking for it. :)

I agree with you about feeling unable to join in with trendy fun a lot of the time though. what is the secret to being able to switch hairdos (for some of us, it's just fro forever), hair colors, jean style, etc? I don't get it. I still think I look good ONLY in the norm. how boring is that? So lillie, even if you feel like you only have one look, I (and many other fans of yours, as we've found out in this blog) LOVE it. you pull it off so well...probably why we're all thinking your idea of bangs would probably be the bomb...because anything that lands on lillie looks fab. :) so, my friend, I guess you've fooled us all. (but it's nice to know you feel like i do sometimes too..)

Sarah said...

Lil - great post!

1) so sorry you and baby Soph are sick!! are you getting better? sleep, water, & vitamin C for you.

2) LOVE your house (sigh:) when do I get another night in the guest room), and the blue/turquoise pillows scream 'Lillie'. You're a great accenter

3) show me the bangs!! it's true, we've all said it, YOU can pull such things off. but i do understand, as i quote you when people ask if i'm ever tempted to cut my hair 'well, my friend lillie did once and said, "sarah, i just tried it for the both of us. i wondered, thought i wouldn't like it, chopped it, don't like it, and now you can keep your long hair.' i love you all ways (dark, short, etc) but long and blonde is the lil i know:)

4) (is there a limit to blogger comment length?? i've got to be infringing on some rule...) you NAILED it with the skinny jean bit. perfectly said!!! haha. i tried on my 3rd pair the other day DETERMINED to just give in. and in an adult moment realized, i only think 1% of the population looks decent in these, i know i don't, why on earth am i torturing myself? and promptly didn't buy them.

we're growing up. welcome to our styles - they'll be our 'mom jeans' and untrendy looks when WE have teenagers, but at least our bums will look good!

Genny said...

There is a reason that the super-low-clearance racks are innundated with skinny jeans at the end of every season! They'll give up eventually. I say when you have to airbrush a supermodel because even *she* looks bad in them--NOBODY in the general public should be buying them!
Sorry about the sickies. :( but your house is GORGEOUS!
I have tried (and hated) bangs, too. But one thing I do remember is that they always look better about a week after I cut them. So give them a might like them a little more! (And for heaven's sake, post a picture!!)