Monday, February 26, 2007

A Trip to the Fair

So we really did it. This weekend, we went to the Indio Date Festival... also known as the Riverside County Fair. Growing up in San Diego, it was tradition to visit the Del Mar Fair during its festivities each year. We've lived here for almost four years now, right next door to our own local fair grounds and every year we say we'll go, and every year it passes, unseen by the Biesingers.

...I don't really think we'll be doing it again. We decided it WAS, just this once, worth the weaving in and out of the carni crowd, the many full figured,latin upper-bums hanging out of low rise jeans, the screaming children that made us fear a trip to the fair turned cute kids into fair freaks, the stench of greasy food mixed with stinky animal, and stinky animal waste...etc.... but just this once. It was worth it to see our fearless daughter try to climb over the little gate at the petting zoo to be one with the sheep, to reach for their faces (which I'm afraid to do) and giggle when they nibbled on the hem of her dress. It was worth it for that, the sunshine, and the funnel cake. That's all. Hence the pictures. (Missy, really glad we didn't put you guys through it, though I would have loved a picture of Sophia and little Aves petting the goat.)

Speaking of pictures. I've decided I might be a little picture happy. So this is my disclaimer. I used to enjoy scrapbooking until Missy got me into the world of blogging. I still like scrapbooking, but the mess is enough to turn me away for a few months. Now, the way I make this a nearly guilt-free hobby, is by classifying it as my digital journal/scrapbook/genealogy. I know the last one is a stretch. :) But I HAVE to include tons of pictures. Where else are they all going to go? So I hope I don't scare anyone away with too many big cheesy Biesinger smiles. But since I called this a disclaimer, pop them out at your own risk.

(Ross told me not to put any in with his Grocery Store sunglasses but I did anyway... he's too handsome.)


Missy said...

No way Lillie. Keep the pictures coming. You guys are so adorable and it makes the blog more fun to see pictures. It's totally an online scrapbook. Justify what you need to, it's a great way to keep in touch too!

We'll get together another weekend. Sad that this one did not work out, but we'll do another.

There were goats at our pumpkin patch and I was freaked out the way they kept trying to nuzzle through the fence to have me touch them. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

It looks like a great family Saturday though. Those are always refreshing.

Lindsay & Weston said...

I was just thinking that my blog was so boring because it doesn't have any pictures so please keep the pictures on yours! I love seeing you guys. And it's totally an online scrapbook/journal. I still write in my journal regularly and I also consider that geneology. I'm helping the generations after me so they don't have to do much work to find out about me and my family! :)

I can officially say that I've never been to a fair. Looks like it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that I'll have to experience....someday! Looks like it's much more enjoyable with a cute toddler.

Erin said...

I am so jealous of your weather!! Sophia in 'short sleeves', and it looked like such a nice day. She looked adorable, as always. As you could tell from my blog earlier, we have a lot of snow right now. But, I can't complain, it's pretty. It does sound nice to have a warm fair day with the family, though. You were cracking me up, I was laughing out loud...the 'bum on top' and smelly animals, with cute kids turning into fair freaks!! You seriously make me laugh so hard!!! Oh, I have to tell you what else I have been getting a kick out of...when you left me a message a few weeks ago, and today I was actually filtering out my messages and I happened to listen to it again, (it made my day just hearing your voice!!) and you said something about my old email address, you were like, "I think it was like erin_sticky buns or something"!! I have been laughing about that all day!! It was actually, only because I used to wear my hair in these crazy buns, and one of my friends from highschool was helping me get started on email when it was just starting to come out (like 8 years ago) and that is the name she put on my email!! I was stuck with that forever! Luckily, when I got married I HAD to change that!! You crack me up!! It was the way you said it, too!! Hahaha!!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

are you kidding about the too many pictures? I LOVE your pictures. you have me sifting through all my old, mediocre ones, just because I love opening up your blog to a new, fun picture! I loved all the colors of this last photo shoot.. blue skies, orange dress, beautiful lillie (can anyone else get away with those glasses? I would look horendous!..great spelling michelle) browner skin, no blah in sight! oh, it seemed fantastic. come to think of it, I think you spared the rest of us by not somehow posting the barnyard smell. :) thanks.
you keep posting pictures! I love them! :)

s.a.s. said...

Well, the obvious enthusiasm for your photos won't stop here. I LOVE seeing the face behind the voice, and witnessing Biesinger family fun. And you KNOW I love a good fair/carnival/amusement park. All it takes is the funnel cake, feeling like you're in some kind of celebration, and novelty to make me content to drag people to such events. Keep Sohpia away from the scary people, but let that goat nibble to his heart's content. Not every day a girl's hem is nibbled by a goat.

Lowdogg said...

I think there should be fewer photos unless you include some of the more "gritty" ones, like latin upper-bums and animal stuff. I am happy for the funnel cake photo. That looks like a fine specimen, a credit to funnel cakes the world over. I had some nasty funnel cake a few weeks ago at our local Medieval Fair(e).

Becky Freestone said...

your family is the cutest. i would not have even noticed ross' sunglasses if you wouldn't have pointed them out. they are pretty funny though. i miss staying up late with you and eating ice cream while talking in the kitchen of the famous tortilla flat. speaking of tortilla, do you have a good tortilla soup recipe? i am always searching for a new and improved one. let me know.