Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A kid-filled weekend!

(Why is this picture arranging so hard... is there something I don't know?)

So it’s the first day back to normal life. As illustrated in the pictures, we’ve had my niece and nephew staying with us since Friday, (SUPER sweet kids) so our days were a little more fun-filled than normal. My brother, Ryon and his wife, Jeanette, the ones that live in Phoenix and have six kids, took a little trip to Mexico for a long weekend. Their oldest, 10 year old Savannah, and their youngest, 18 month old Ryon stayed with us. Unfortunately, the weather decided to jump up to the high 90’s on this particular weekend; one in which we were really counting on the outdoors to help us in the entertainment department. This would explain the incredibly rosy cheeked pictures (especially my daughter since she is… MY daughter- for any of you who have seen me in an embarrassing moment, on a hot day, a really cold day, surprised, angry…really anything but relaxed in the low 70’s… I turn bright red.)

Saturday we played and Ross set up Sophia’s new trike (see picture of little Ryon riding it) and tried to start the daunting task of organizing our garage. Sunday we struggled through church (ok well only through part of it, both babies had runny noses which means no nursery—screamed through Sacrament due to lack-o-nap, so Ross took them home and Savannah and I stayed so I could teach my lesson.) Monday our friends John and Marnie (she's 5 months along and expecting a BOY!!!) brought us dinner (SO sweet… I promise someday I’ll be able to handle three children AND cooking dinner, but I was happy to accept it). We all ate outside (see pictures with lots of bodies outside), played soccer and football and enjoyed the benefits of daylight savings- and the ONLY time of day when my backyard has shade. That was a fun night.
So they took off this morning and of course we have a normal day of errands planned as running around town with 3 very bored children did not sound like something I wanted to be responsible for. So we did our little morning run (it must have already been 90 out there at 9:30 am.) And on the agenda is shopping for some new, bigger tees for Sophia (see picture with chasing Daddy and protruding belly), some new wall shelves for Sophia’s books in her toy corner (eventually really want to copy my friend Missy who decorated a whole perfect play nook for her daughter- check it out), and the regular: some groceries.
Oh and one last thing... Ryon and Jeanette brought back from San Diego "the black table"! The one from my sister-in-law, Kim that I was so excited to refresh my dining room with. So we might be dropping by the model home to see how they did the dining room. Mine has never been right and with the new table... I'm hoping to get it there. Before and after's...I'm sure... to come. Sorry for the picture overload. Consider it a collage of the weekend.


Lauren said...

I am so jealous of your HOT weather. Your backyard looks great and I love all of the pictures. So cute! I especially love the "Buddha Belly" pics of Sophia. She is such a doll. Looks like you had a great, fun-filled, busy, hot, and tiring weekend.

Lindsay & Weston said...

She definitely takes after her mom with those cheeks. I love it! It was 88 here yesterday! In MARCH?!? Geeze louise, it's way too early to be this warm. Glad you guys had a great weekend with the kiddos. I'm jealous of your yard! It's beautiful!

Laci and the Girls said...

I still can't believe Ryon and Jeanette have SIX kids! How fun for you to have a couple for the weekend :)

Lacy said...

Lil- The second to last picture of Sophia where she is looking serious and inquisitive over her shoulder looks a lot like you. You got some fun shots and Marney looks SO thin. Is her morning sickness letting up yet? Tell her to hang in there. They look like fun friends- and I am envious that you got to spend so much time with Savanah and Ryon. Looks like fun!

Missy said...

Lacy's right - the second to last picture TOTALLY looks like you. I was thinking that before I even read her comment. I think it's the lips and the cute facial expression. It looks like you guys were busy, busy. Fun though! And I can't wait to see the the pics of the black table.

s.a.s. said...

What a weekend! I got tuckered out just thinking about you, the kids, the heat, the fun... the good kind of tuckered out where you just fall into bed or under some shade in the backyard. So many fun pics! And there's your cute friend Marney! I was wondering who was sporting the darling glasses... I'm with Mis, can't wait to see the table.