Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just more of the girl.

Yeah so I don't know what the deal is with the little yoga pose... but she would walk around the backyard talking, then stop and do the triangle pose... then walk around and talk some more, triangle pose... etc... where do they get these things? So cute. Never can quite capture the cuteness in a picture, but still thought I'd share.

And pretty unrelated... here are a couple of videos from Sunday play with Daddy.
(First: as always, my voice is SO loud... I hope for your sake that you can tune it out.)

What happens after you spin a little girl incessently in the air? (No don't worry, no sign of sickness... just dizziness.)

And maybe that makes her a little crazy?


Lindsay & Weston said...

She always has the cutest outfits! You'll have to tell me where you shop the most....especially if we have a little girl! Those videos really show her personality. Love it!

Denae said...

I love technology that videos can be posted. That was so cute. I love daddy time and and I love her dimples!!

Missy said...

I LOVED THIS! Oh my gosh Lillie...she is so, so cute. Devin and I just sat here laughing. The twirling and then setting her down was so funny...she is so, so cute. I love when babies just yell in happiness. You've got to wonder what is going through their little (and happy) minds.

I loved hearing your voice!

Missy said...

Ok, I just watched them again with Avery. I feel kinda bad for Sophia though...she has no idea why she can't stand up straight. Cute funny though too.

Lowdogg said...

Really cute videos. Kids love getting dizzy.

Lauren said...

So adorable! I love little girls and Daddy time. Ross looks like a lot of fun and I can tell he loves Sophia a ton! Love the yoga pose. So cute!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey I like the orange butterfly too (is that what it is?) I'm so proud of you for not always being pink and purple...way to branch out.

I think it was great that you captured the yoga stuff. total scrapbook page, but you did it online in like 4 minutes! much better, I think.

hope you guys have a great weekend planned. :)

s.a.s. said...

Precious - and SO technology savvy! I too love the orange hues Sophia sports - they suit her. And I laughed when the sweet little thing was spun into oblivion. Keep posting videos, it's SO fun to see the motion and hear the voices (yours especially!).