Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Couple of Additions and One Sad Girl.

HERE is our new black table from my sister in law, Kim! I don't feel like I can get a picture that does it justice... but I LOVE it!... and her for giving it to us in exchange for babysitting! And of course I love that it matches our $75 Target (sale) hutch.

And this is our first, tiny step toward a more organized little play area in the family room. We have our couch at a diagonal which leaves a corner of the room to hide Sophia's mess... but it would be great if it didn't always have to BE a mess. This little Home Goods book shelf is step one.

So the 18 month shots were officially the worst! FOUR shots. Two in each leg. It was horrible. She was just so aware of what was happening, I couldn't keep her from watching him stick her the first time and then she just cried the saddest cry through the rest. It killed me. I always think the doctor must think I'm a nut, frantically singing the itsy bitsy spider intermixed with a shaky "I'm soooo sorry punkin" through watery eyes. Gives me the shivers just remembering. Luckily we don't have to go back until she's 2 and that's only for one shot. She can handle one. She's been super tough in the past. But four was just torture.

She woke up before 9 last night inconsolable, don't know if it was the shots or the cold. So we let her hang with us in the love sac for an hour or so while we watched American Idol. (That's what this picture of her and Ross is.) We've really only done that once since she was like 6 months old, and secretly (well not so secretly since I'm blogging it), we LOVED it. It's one of those tiny silver linings to sickness. She's way more cuddly. This morning she was the same way and we snuggled on the couch watching the Disney Channel for like an hour (she never sits with me longer than a few minutes.) When she finally got up she walked really funny, almost limping, so I'm thinking maybe her thighs actually hurt from the shots. :( So sad.

Hmmm.... anything else to blog about since there's obviously no recognizable theme to the post... I really hope Sanjaya goes home tonight. (American Idol.)


Lauren said...

I really liked this post, Lillie. I LOVE your table and hutch! Way too cute! I really like Sophia's play corner as well. So sorry to hear about the shot nightmare. Taggart has his 4 month shots- yep 4 of them, coming up. Not fun at all. Hang in there and stay on top of that Motrin! :) I too hope that Sanjaya goes home tonight on Idol. I really don't like how he sings.

Lindsay & Weston said...

I love that I just got to see all of your home changes in person! Definitely gave me some great decorating ideas!

So sorry to hear about Sophia. It sounds horrible and something I'm not looking forward to. :) Love that she'll cuddle with you though. She looks like she's really enjoying her dad in the photo.

Sanjaya has GOT to go home! Geeze louise how is he still on the show????

Brandon or Michelle. said...

don't forget I think survivor AND lost are also on tonight. what am I to do wit 2 and what are YOU to do with what sounds like THREE shows? :) this is so embarrassing. no one else read this, okay? :)

love love love your decorating. your house decor is the stuff I dream about, but never have the luck or cool circumstances to happen into. sigh. at least I have yours to smile about. could you imagine all that with a sleek tall black piano? should we move in together? :)

great idea about the book shelves. I'll bet she'll love pulling them out to read...maybe a little "activity" even that will take some inside time. :)

Lacy said...

Hey- yeah, your table looks great in that room and with the hutch. Poor Sophia, she looks so cute and clean with Ross. And, yes, I hate watching Sanjaya. Our DVR is broken otherwise we would fast forward through him. But I did really like Chris Richeson (?) (the one they say looks like Justin Timberlake I think) and Blake. It is an interesting season becuase for so many weeks the black girls dominated but now they kind of bore me and those two little white boys are the interesting ones. Anyway, I love that show and yes, Dancing with the Stars. Doesn't Ian look just like he did on 90210?

Missy said...

Your table looks fabulous! I love it. Don't you love putting new things (especially pieces of furniture) in your home? It totally changes the look and mood of your home. It's my favorite thing of late.

Poor Sophia. I hope she gets feeling better. She looks so cute just hanging with Ross in the Love Sac. I don't watch AI or else I would probably have tons to say...

Sarah said...

Let's talk about this perfect house of yours. Since my visit long ago (when your baby was in belly), you have upgraded your already beautiful home to be a homemakers palace. Seriously Lil, the sheek black (you could totally go Parisian), clean white, wall decor, throw pillows... I am taking copious notes and expect help when in 2012 I am hopefully doing the same.

SO sad for dear Sophia. Of course the shots breaks your heart, ouch! I do love that she gets cuddly when she's down though, take advantage of that.

Do I need to start watching American Idol to keep up with society??

Becky Freestone said...

i want sanjaya to go home too. who keeps voting for him. i almost am starting to think it is being rigged. there is no way he can still be singing as a candidate for the next american idol. who is your favorite?