Thursday, March 15, 2007

Revealing the New Year's Projects

New Years Projects we wrote down at the start of this year: (different then our resolutions.... these are the things we can actually be done with. If only losing weight and reading scriptures more often worked like that. Accomplished projects are bolded.)

-Paint cabinets white
-Finish painting bathroom (it's been sporting blue tape for months now, since one quart didn't cut it.)
- Paint bathroom cabinets white
-Organize hall closet
-Organize end-of-hall closet
-Organize guest closet
-Organize Sophia's closet
- " Master closet
- " Garage
- " Tupperware cupboard (got the cheap set from walmart where all the lids match and it comes with a little case. It's ABOUT time.)
- Organize Pantry
- dejunk bedroom drawers
- create play space for Sophia
- Finish painting baseboards (another unfinished project from.... 2 years ago now!)
- Collect at least 6 months worth of food storage
- Finish wood floor transition pieces (of course another very old unfinished project)
- Finish and order digital photo album for 2006

Boring post- but thought it might motivate me even more to finish the list.

My friend Lizzie's heating her new pool today (since it's 88 outside- hot sun, still a cold pool) ... so Sophia and I are going to put ourselves, winter chub and all, into a couple of swim suits! Woohoo! I hate heat with no water, but I do LOVE the smell of chlorine, the cool water in the hot sun, and that tight feel of sun-kissed skin on a warm day. I can feel it now.


Lindsay & Weston said...

How nice that one of your best friends has a pool! There is NOTHING better in our desert heat than a pool. We keep telling my parents they can NEVER move while we all live here b/c they save us with their big pool of water! Enjoy a great afternoon!

I'm very impressed at all of the projects that you've done already this year! I've tried to get some done myself but haven't been nearly as successful as you!

Missy said...

Tell me that you were a true blogger today and took pictures of you guys at the pool. I love it that you guys are starting your tan so early in the season!

Way to go on the projects, gosh, maybe I should copy you and list all the "projects" I want to do too.

Becky Freestone said...

i am so envious of your day in the sun. it is definately warm enough hear for a day at the pool. i just can't seem to find an afternoon where i am free to do that. i hope you got a nice tan for me.

Denae said...

your list of projects has motivated me! I have so much I want to do, I need to go make my list now.

s.a.s. said...

Oh my gosh, who checks this many things off in MARCH?! I'm so proud of you Lil - you've accomplished (and set) impressive goals. I can't wait to be motivated to do something to a house because it's mine. Your kitchen really does look amazing, and I love the food storage idea.

You at the pool - perfect. Last time I was with you at a pool you had Sophia in your belly. Remember that lovely afternoon at the Marriott? Get a tan for me, I got home from Florida today where it had been 88, to (yep) 30 degrees and freezing rain and snow. Becky, at least your have a chance. Sheesh.

Laci and the Girls said...

Way to go Lillie....impressive :)

Lowdogg said...

The technical name for the tight-skin feeling is melanoma.

Just kidding.