Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My little girl's growing up so fast!

Seriously-- what happened to my baby? She's sittin' there on the kitchen counter with her legs all long and lean- lookin' so big, reading a magazine! (she really does flip the pages and babble like she's reading a story), eating her dark greens which plenty of grown-ups don't even like to do (she loves broccoli), and clipping her toe nails (I made them baby safe before she went at her tiny toe-tips.) She just seems like such a big girl these days and it really feels like it happened over night. She turned 18 months this week. Here are some Sophia-lights (highlights).

-Current favorite foods: cucumber, broccoli, kidney beans, tomatoes, grapes, avocado, chicken nuggets, pizza, eggs, oatmeal, berries (straw/black/ras/blue- she doesn't discriminate), yogurt w/ cottage cheese, toast, apples, clementines (only a good sweet batch- she's picky), pirates booty, ... and of course, she is her mother's daughter... icecream. We try to only pull it out after bed time. But sometimes, on a particularly long afternoon... who could blame me?

-Vices: 1. Binky, 2. fan, 3. TV (ahhh- Like all of us, I swore I'd never be a TV mom. Any suggestions?)

-Words: "Woah", "Wow", "mama", "daddy", "ball" (only a couple of times so far, sounds more like "bow"), "dog" (also sounds like "bow"-- don't know), "Jesus" (occasionally only after we've pointed at His picture and are walking away at her insistence, then she points back and says Cheesa), "uh-oh" (all day long), "no" (it comes out more like "mo"), "hi-ya!" (every time we go to the gym she takes out her vice #1 to say it to the front-desk girl), "amen" (only when we're really lucky and it's actually pretty spot on), "plane?" (Maybe. She points up every time one goes over and utters some syllable- probably sounds like "bow"... we'll call it plane).

-Super cute habits: 1. Every night after her bath she runs naked straight to the love sac, while patting her knees like the Little Einsteins (proof of vice #3), then rolls around in it like the happiest little naked baby in the world. 2. She stands (yes it's terrifying) on the arm of the couch and counts (in her own language, but in a melody that sounds like our counting) to three and then jumps into the love sac laughing whole heartedly time and time and time again. 3. She puts her finger to her lip a little like Austin Powers (no we did NOT teach her that) and says Hmmmmm babble babble babble, hmmmmm..... babble babble etc.... very cute. What is she saying?

-Loves: climbing, climbing, climbing, eating, jumping off of things, reading, singing, giving kisses, piggy back rides, playing in the dirt, being chased, baths, and high daddy-tosses in the air.

She is my toddler. A year and a half. Holy smokes...she's cool.


Missy said...

Holy smokes is right. That first picture is adorable Lillie. She IS long and lean:)

I loved hearing all about her little personality and that she climbs and runs in the dirt! Hilarious.

Favorite line was "takes vice #1 out to say "hiya" to the girl at the gym" - that made me smile. What a cute girl you have there! We SO need to get together soon.

Missy said...

PS: the first picture looks most like you!

Lindsay & Weston said...

I can't believe she's that old. Have I mentioned that I am so excited to see her again in a week and a half! I still remember the day you called to tell me you were pregnant....time sure flies.

The pictures are adorable and she truly is a little girl now. She's adorable!

Erin said...

She is SO adorable, Lillie! The first picture with her little flared jeans and green top...she looks like she's like 3!! She is getting so big. I loved the "favorites" thing you did! That is when it reminds me that this IS like a digital scrapbook/journal...Love it!!

Denae said...

Sophia is very cute. Is she tall for her age? She looks like she is. And I am very impressed with her healthy eating habits! wow! I wish my kids would eat that stuff... they are all picky.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

your whole house is gorgeous! I love to see the glimpses in the different angled shots.

hooray for posts about our babies (since that's all I can come up with usually). I actually think all those things you wrote will be very fun and cool later, when you're comparing other children, and just wondering what 18 month old sophia was like. Wouldn't we all like something like that from our moms right now, so we could compare our personalities at this age with our kids? so way to be.

another Lost is tonight, I can hardly wait, but also know I'll be annoyed at the end like you. :) anyone got a bag of m&ms I could eat?

Becky Freestone said...

i love the highlights. she sounds like the sweetest, most entertaining baby. i want to meet her someday. maybe we will have to make a visit out to palm springs. she is totally going to be an ice cream lover like her mom, how could she not?

Sarah said...

Ok, when did she get so BIG?! You're right, those long legs are so big girl it's not even funny. And I love the one of her chomping the broccoli - atta girl. Folic acid all around. She so beautiful and I love hearing the details of her personality and likes/dislikes. With her genes, if she doesn't like ice cream it's crazy talk. Does she have a favorite flavor?

Kym said...

So, Lillie, I finally signed on to check your blog out. SOOOO cute. I know I see you every week, but its sooo cute to see your fam this way. Good job on the blogging addiction. You can comment on mine now, too...caress-knight.blogspot.com