Sunday, January 23, 2011

So we had our OWN pirate party

It's been over a month of relentless illness in our house. Who knows if it's one crazy horrible bug or if a new one starts before the old one finishes... but it's been SUPER fun. Ross is still in bed this morning with a fever, wrapped up in sweats and a sweatshirt in the same bed that I sweat through my one tiny layer each night. (Ok maybe that's the post-baby hormonal night-sweats--- CRAZY--- but still, it's NOT cold up there.)

Can I just confess that I think few things are worse than a sick husband? I'll probably regret this confession. But I think it's the worst. You're sorry for them that they're miserable, but you don't have room in your heart to be THAT sorry, because you're too busy taking care of your kids and yourself who are also sick. And your super selfish side can't help but remember that you just had a c-section a few weeks ago and--- dangit--- does this mean the being-taken-care-of phase is long gone and this is what it's been replaced with? Bummer. But-- oh yeah-- bigger bummer for him because he feels sick enough to be in bed 'till noon and when else in our lives has he done that? So then you feel like an awful wife that you're kind of annoyed the whole time and not doing that great of a job taking care of him. So conflicted.

Or is this just me? So sorry Ross.

Sophia got hit with a bad fever on Wednesday night and stayed home from school Thursday and Friday. She was SO disappointed to realize she would miss her class pirate party on Friday. That morning we laid in my bed and tried to explain why the fact that her skin was on fire and her head hurt so bad that she couldn't lift it without help, meant she needed to stay home.

We decided we'd have our own pirate party. That did the trick. Turns out her best friend, Kate got sick and had to miss it too... and dropped off a special pink pirate hat that morning at our door. Clearly, Mila needed a pink pirate hat too... hence our lovely homemade one.

We drew pirate pictures, watched a pirate movie (Peter Pan) ... and talked about eating pirate's booty, but we were out, and all too lazy to go to the store. So we ate ice cream cones instead.

Sadly, she complained later that it wasn't that fun of a party and she wished she could have gone to school. But we tried! And I must say, while there are certainly parts of the day where I almost go MAD, I love having a whole day, ALMOST guiltless, to lay around, snuggle, watch movies, and drink juice with my kids.

But I hope everyone's ready for school this week.

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Lindsay Griffeth said...

You are such a fun mom - I love it!

I am totally with you on the sick husband. It's terrible for all.

And this horrible sickness you are writing about is JUST now hitting my house and I'm dreading it. So far it looks like Wes is the only one it hasn't hit. Yet.