Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm determined to document Christmas before it gets lost and pushed aside by the chunkiest-cheeked, cutest baby boy you've ever seen

Lots of fun with cousins and family, rainy, wintery (southern California) weather, trips to Balboa Park, Point Loma Seafood, The Gap for 40 percent off resulting in two warm jackets just in time, The Hotel Del, and it's beach.... ikea.... all of the essentials.

It was a strange feeling awaiting Christmas this year... usually I get total post-Christmas blues. So sad that it's over for another whole year. But this time I had my little beefer, Finn, reminding me all day long how badly I wanted December 29th to come. So I had a constant internal struggle with whether I wanted Christmas to linger just a little longer up ahead, or hurry and get it done to move on and meet this baby boy. It's a good thing I had no control. I have a hard time making decisions when I'm pregnant. And always.

Besides my little distraction, Christmas was magical. It was the first year where our efforts to teach about giving and service rung home a bit with... Sophia at least. It didn't phase Mila, since she threw a fit over anything we picked out for someone else once she really realized that meant it WENT to someone else. But it still felt good to try.

I don't ever really remember believing in Santa growing up-- and maybe that's just the result of having four older siblings. But it's a little tricky to me trying to find the right balance between Santa excitement, and still really focusing on the birth of Christ and the holiday's true meaning. Luckily, Ross is a Santa expert, he knows how to bait the reindeer with carrots and everything. He also makes sure the kids squeeze in a viewing of Joy to The World on Christmas Eve, even when their mom just wants them in bed so she can wrap. Thank goodness for my spirited husband. He made it all magical.

There was still a bit of the unwrap, toss, grab for next present problem from last year--- but all in all (or is it "all AND all??"), they were so in to it this year, so excited about each of their gifts, and (Sophia was) so excited to give.

Every year I realize more and more how much Christmas evolves as our children grow and we get to relive every sweet stage. I love Christmas. I'm already dreaming of next year, with Finn at a year and myself not having to dodge the camera. Sheesh. Thank goodness he was a big boy- that's all I've got to say--- I need all of the excuses I can get. Did I mention I gained like 12 more pounds with him than my girls? And I think 5 of those were in my feet. Sick.

Apparently 3 pounds of baby= 12 pounds of mommy. Don't tell me otherwise please.

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas. Can you believe it's 2011? Doesn't that sound like the future in so many old movies? Where's my silver space suit?


Lizzie said...

I still can't believe your blogging. You're like superwoman. You make me look like such a baby afer my c-sections. Shhhh...don't tell Shad. = )

I want more pictures of Finn. By the way, did you want me take some of he and you?? Or just him??

I am loving that you're blogging though, because it means a bit of communication from you. = ) Take care.

Karley said...

I think I might want to get in my car all by myself and come to your house and hold a sweet baby boy and remember what they were like before they learned to pull hair, eat necklaces from around your neck and shake their head no. Would that be okay with you? Great! See you tomorrow!

Seriously, Lillie-cutest thing ever!! Congratulations

Gladys said...

Love the pictures Lillie....JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I am so glad you all were able to have some time together and that Lacie could be there to see Finn. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your growing family!! Love you!

S.A.S. said...

Grand photos! I love seeing your family and Lacy's family play together. And why do I think it's hilarious to see your girls in COATS? I never picture them owning warm clothes, but forget it's not ALWAYS desert hot. LOVE the photo of Sophia in her fur - she is gorgeous.
I love hearing you talk about being torn between slowing or rushing Christmas - I felt so similar last year just waiting for J to come! They're almost exactly one year apart. What a Merry Christmas!

Christin said...

Your girls are so gorgeous. I especially love Sophia's belly in the second photo! Can't wait to see more photos of that chunk Finn.


HereBeDragons said...

Such fun, what a great holiday season.

Brandon or Michelle said...

:) yay, more sparkles! and as always, the post was so honest, so lillie, so wonderful.

can you just write my blog posts from now on?

:) hopin' you're loving the mommydom over there. hang in there, you're wonderful! (oh, and so fun to see some fl folks in there as well! go g'ville!)

TnD said...

Lillie, baby Finn is making me so excited for my little bundle to arrive. Good for you for getting back into communication with the world, I hope I am as energetic as you after the baby is born.

D-dawg said...

I'm really hoping my baby boy will be as big as yours so I'll have an excuse. I'm only 6 months and have gained as much as I should have total already. sigh. Very cute pics.... love the fur.