Saturday, January 08, 2011

So sick of being sick, but still taking pictures of my new love

Dear Nasty, Lingering, Ever-evolving, horrible COLD,

You have long-past overstayed your welcome. You were never welcome, but you're really pushing it. I can't handle another day with no air flow through my sinuses. I feel like my head's been dunked in wet cement. And while I'm so grateful that he's still sleeping fine without too much difficulty, when Finn coughs, I hate you even more. Could this have passed to him? Even with all of those antibodies from nursing etc??

And did you know that my sister, Melisa came today and brought me Sprinkles Cupcakes... and I could not taste a THING? Not a thing. And I couldn't bare to eat one since I had to breath through my mouth with every nibble which made me feel like 400 pounds.

I'm sure I'll find a way to get one down. But I hate you all the same.



Becky said...

Oh, Lillie, I love all these pictures. I'm so sorry you have such a nasty cold. Finn is cuter by the minute. Keep posting. love you.

Christin said...

I laughed my guts out when you said you felt like 400 pounds. I totally got the visual. You are so funny and by the guys make some pretty cute kids. Congrats.

Rebecca Smylie said...

Oh man, very funny the whole 400 pounds line. I visions of the Chris Farley skit. Lay off of me I'm starving.

Brandon or Michelle said...

ugh, a cold. yuck yuck yuck! wish I could bring you some soup.

good thing you're still so entertaining. :)

Katie said...

Sorry about the cold. Congrats on the beautiful boy! I am a sinusitis veteran and was SUPER sick when Ryan was born. Have you tried a sinus rinse? Sounds nasty and kind of is, but it will change your life. Also, Mucinex. Safe to take when nursing and will also change your life. Good luck!