Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I knew that Sophia would be amazing with Finn, but I wasn't TOTALLY sure how Mila would react. I had high hopes but tried to prepare for the worst since she can be a bit.... unpredictable right now. She's blown me away. She wants to hold him more often and longer than Sophia even. Sometimes when he's ready to eat or MID-meal... but it's still cute. She adores him, talks to him all the time and tells him how she's going to teach him how to walk and how to read. I think being a big sister will bring out her very best.

Today was Stake Conference, which means no normal church meetings or phone calls or lessons to prepare, or responsibilities for Ross. (I wrote myself off either way. :)) It was amazing. We slept in, Ross made waffles, I got a shower AND washed my hair... we ate fudgesicles on the broken trampoline and read a bunch of stories. And Brooke is bringing me dinner (even though I had all day to cook technically) because I just had a baby and that's what we do in the church. I LOVE it.

Happy Sunday.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

ooohh, YAY. It always help when the siblings like the new baby.

When I read your blog - it sometimes makes me wish I had a girl. Deep down I know Nate loves his brother, but there's rarely a sweet, sincere moment where he's just a good big SISTER. Because he's a BROTHER. :) Make sense?

Your girls seem fabulous. I still need to meet Mila [and Finn!]

Erika Allred said...

I guess I've been in my own world of pregnancy to have realized that you've already had your beautiful baby boy. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is absolutely adorable. I hope you're recovering well. You have such a beautiful family.

Brandon or Michelle said...

She looks like SOPHIA in this picture! (duh michelle, they're siblings after all) Seeing that, she just seemed that much more grown up. glad the pendulum has swung to the happy side at the moment with her.