Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Sisters

People always told me there would be serious perks to having girls first. I'm sure I'll have my share of concerns when Finn wants to play with princesses or learns to throw a fit like my drama-queens thanks to their example. But right now, I'm feeling so grateful for the pride they take in their rolls as big sisters.

In some ways, it's so much easier than the first and second time around. I've got two helpers that are jumping at the opportunity to grab me diapers or wipes from the diaper drawer, a burp cloth when I've forgotten one and can hear that spit up is imminent, or a glass of water when I'm all situated to nurse and realize I'm painfully parched.

They race upstairs to pop his binkie back in his mouth if he's fussing during a nap, and even know how to hold it in long enough for him to get a good hold on it before they let go. They sing and coo and and hug and kiss and apply lots of hand-sanitizer. They love to read him stories, and since I'm feeling the stress right now about Sophia learning to read, I'm really hoping that by your third, the older siblings do the teaching. That would really make my life easier.

What? My mom said I went to Kinder knowing how to read and she had NO idea until the teacher told her, that I could. Doesn't even know who to give the credit to. I was the fifth of six--- LIKE she had a bunch of free time to teach me.

I know I'm only at three, but a girl can dream. I'm building a team over here.


Elizabeth said...

how sweet! what sweet girls!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Couldn't agree more to having girls first. I think I got lucky with Nate who LOVES babies - but there's no comparison to girls.

Coming from the oldest of all girls, I'm hoping that Mr. Nate will be the big tough big brother and look out for all of his little siblings when they are in high school. :)

Your girls are adorable!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

I told you so ... ain't it the truth? Number three and four were a piece of cake thanks to two big sisters. Didn't plan it, but would highly recommend it.

Jessica said...

Don't stress over Sophia reading. Samantha is about half way through the school year in kinder and she is now sounding out words and learning to read. If she were already in school and not reading that would be one thing but I am sure she will do fine.

Christin said...

I love how Sophie is reading him the Book of Mormon. Too cute.

maines said...

I don't know what your talking about. Having a boy first is WAY better. They do awesome things like tackle your baby, pour sand in their hair, and insist that they play baseball with them (never mind that the ball happens to be baby's head). I mean, wouldn't life be boring if when you walked back in the room after being gone for about 10 seconds your baby's face wasn't covered in sharpie??? But that's ok, we can't all be so lucky.

Rebecca Smylie said...

I remember getting after my mom when I saw her being so lenient with my youngest brother. Sort of a "you never would have let us..." and she responded. "Lay off. He's had nine people raising him." I love it.

And the big sister thing. I hope I don't abuse it because man--I LOVE IT.