Thursday, January 27, 2011

The "kids" --- it's not just "girls" anymore, strange.

Anyone who asks for clothing suggestions before a shoot gets the same answer from me. "Wear color, layers, textures, patters... avoid black or white... BORING--- but WHATEVER you do, avoid everyone matching in solid white or black tops... puh-lease... "

oops. We were home sick from school.... It was past four and the light was almost gone and I thought... let's do something productive today and pull out the seamless paper and see if we get anything good. We didn't want to mess with Finn and pull his clothes off, I knew that would just make it FAR too much trouble for what I was up for that day. So he wore whatever he was wearing when we unswaddled him. And since the girls fight me on every outfit right now and I knew I'd pull the plug if it got too complicated, I instinctively went simple and grabbed the skirts and white tops.

What a horrible boring hypocrite I am. I'm ashamed. But still sharing. Because the love and the dimples and the button noses still make my heart stop. Just don't follow my example.


Andrea Madsen said...

So absolutely adorable!! Makes a cute Valentines pic too! They are all so perfect!

Christin said...

Wow you have such darling children. So fun. I love Finn's belly in the first two pics. (:

Anonymous said...

Love is in the air

Lizzie said...

MIla has some rocking arms....seriously, I'd love those toned.

cute pics

Megan Daly said...

No way. I love the white shirts with the colored bottoms. It made some adorable pics.

Its fun having kids now and not just girls. SMILE

Anonymous said...

Hey Lillie, your "kids" are precious. My husband and I are the opposite, we went from "the boys" to "the kids" since our daughter was born.

The Hepworths said...

oh my gosh lillie, i am in love with that little man of yours! he is so so so adorable. and the girls...they are gorgeous. i want to come play with you guys and do photo shoots. miss you.