Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guess what came today?

My bumper--- custom made by Brooke's darling mom and amazing seamstress. I didn't photograph it yet... but I'm still so excited, you should be too. I had to mention it.

He's not sleeping in his room yet, but I LOVE his room! And I rarely feel like that after a project. Sometimes I go in there just to sit when the house is a mess because the space is so peaceful and clean... pictures soon... for those of you that are in to that sort of thing. I feel like I say that a lot. Maybe because I know there are visitors like my grandpa who don't really care to see decorating ideas. :) So I feel like I need a disclaimer. Anyway---

I wimped out and hit the urgent care today, certain that this had to be a sinus infection or something since it seems like such an awful and LONG cold. But nope--- it's just an awful long cold. The Dr. told me it runs 3 weeks... and ends in the chest. It's moved to my chest and I'm past the two-week mark, so I'm just hoping I'm in the home stretch. Nostrils pretty clear. for those of you that are into that sort of thing. ?????

I'm just GRATEFUL that all of this awful coughing came now, after my c-section pain has pretty much healed... because that first day of coughing was terrifying... sure I was going to bust a stitch. yikes.

Finn's still got a gnarly DRAMATIC cough, but is still eating and sleeping just fine without difficulty breathing. But I feel more paranoid than ever! It just feels like the world is made up of germs-- and he's so precious and unvaccinated and little!--- even though he's big. It's scary having a baby in the winter.... with older kids that go collect diseases all day from all of the other older kids. I feel like I just want him to hurry up and get bigger so I don't have to worry.... and yet I want to freeze time and keep him this little forever.

I honestly don't think there is a better feeling in the world than holding my newborn baby right after a feeding and nuzzling my face into his warm neck and cheek. The way he doesn't pull away and smells like heaven still. As much as my stomach ties in a million knots at the thought of being pregnant again, the thought that one day I'll be holding my LAST baby (probably the next one)--- is worse. I'm already panicking... the way I do as Christmas approaches and I know that the sooner it comes, the sooner it's over and we have to wait a whole year. And I don't think all of the pictures or videos in the world will do this phase justice.

Yes--- still on the babymoon. SOOO sick of the cold-- don't love changing diapers after feeding at 4am, or changing both of our jammies and sleeping on towels after he's thrown up all over me-- but the moment after I get that business done and just get to snuggle him again-- it's so worth it.... a million times over- it's worth it.


Life at the White House said...

A few things:

1.) he is absolutely precious and i love this post. we get to meet our very first babe (a boy, to be named jackson ryan) this june and this made my heart melt.

2.) i'm DYING to see your nursery! we too are doing gray stripes (had the room painted white this past wknd and they're coming back to do the gray stripes this saturday----- i'm terrified i've picked the wrong gray after purchasing 8,200 samples). who knew gray was so hard?

3.) can't wait to see the bedding too!

4.) hope you get to feeling better - that just isn't fair with your new little man at home!!!! prayers headed your way that your cold disappears soon!

Jessica said...

I know how you feel about the last baby anxiety. I am having it right now. We have 4 weeks or less until our baby boy arrives and he will be the last. Part of me is sad to know that I will never again need the little girl clothes and the other part is SO happy that I never have to be this uncomfortable ever again. I'm a little jealous that you are already holding your little man, I can't wait for ours to be here.

Brandon or Michelle said...

THAT FIRST PICTURE!! have you dreamed of a picture like that since you found out he was a boy or what?! so so beautiful.

and I can't BELIEVE you mentioned the bedding/room without showing us even a peep. mean.

but I too hope you feel better, and I'm glad you went in and checked it out, just in case. now, where are those 100 degree days to dry you out and warm you up? :) (hold on a minute michelle, don't wish for those too quickly.)

Sarie said...

I so wholeheartedly agree! He's beautiful Lillie!

The Andersens said...

Lillie your new little guy is SO SO precious!! I love all the pictures. Wish we lived closer so you could be my photographer! Sorry about the cold.. no fun.. but Congrats on your new edition! and i love his name!! I agree with you, this new born phase is simply the BEST.

Rebecca Smylie said...

Nothing better than snuggling at night. Nothing. Beautiful little boy. Wish I had you here to give me ideas on decorating. Is there a show or a blog or something where they take particularly challenging situations and turn them into decorating dreams? I've got your winning apartment if so