Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some image inspiration- warning, I'm all over the place

I want to live there. Too much to ask?

I've been committed to growing my hair out for the past several months... which is why I'm DYING at it's length and shape right now. I have images like this girl above that keep me motivated. Since I'll look JUST like her if my hair is long.

This is the problem--- there's all these gorgeous heads of long hair floating around in magazines and blogs and real life--- but will I just waste all of this time suffering medium hair just to end up looking like I did when I was 13?

Nice. Someone put it on facebook. I wish I still had those jeans. Lacy, is that you in back with your hair on top of your head? I wish I had those jeans too. :)

And then I see photos like this one and think---- forget it--- short hair can be SOOO cute too... and it's SO much easier for me to do and actually wear down...

I have a hair appointment TODAY. Pretty sure I'm going to suffer it a bit longer and see how I feel after some of the baby weight comes off. What's the point right now anyway?

That's my attitude. Poor Ross.

And on a totally different note--- I swore to myself I wouldn't paint another ounce of blue in the this house.... and then I painted my family room blue and swore it again. And now I'm thinking maybe the girls should have this accent wall in their coming-soon big-girl room. Don't worry, I would get rid of the purple.

But maybe without the perfect wrought iron bed frame and perfectly textured white bedding it will just look like a fiesta. Who knows.

Oh um.... I ordered a new custom sectional from this place yesterday. With that, these new bamboo shades, my new craigslist dresser-turned-media, a couple of book shelves from ikea, and one of these fiddle leaf figs (the big green plant):

I ordered it (never could find one and just thought of that option!) and am picking it up today at Home Depot!

I plan on having some good before-and-afters here in 3-6 weeks!


Katie Gillis said...

Hi Lillie! I popped on your blog today for the first time in a while... Congratulations on your soon to be blue bundle of joy! I'm so excited for you guys! So good to catch up with you guys through your beautiful blog... :)
xoxo Katie

TnD said...

I might have to copy you on the fiddle-leaf. I have been searching for something green and that is awesome.

bailey said...

hey lillie! so excited tos ee your hair.....and i dont think that the stage is awkward - it looks really cute on you! i went through a couple awkward stages growing my hair back out but then it all looks fine in the end. that's what matters, right????? :) Hope things are going great' you looks so cute with your little belly!!!