Monday, October 11, 2010

I suffer from major buyer's remorse---

On MOST things. It makes it very hard for me to shop somewhere that isn't realistic to return (like online rugs that will cost more to ship back than they're worth). However, THIS rug is one of my favorite purchases EVER.

It's in my dining room... and I've moved it around a couple of times only to discover that it makes me happy in ANY room. I sort of wish I could buy one for several rooms... but would that be boring?
My point is, I saw it on Little Green Notebook (I think) ages ago, and it sold out right after I bought it.

But it's BACK! They have almost every size, but the 8x10 is close to selling out. It's such a good price, just thought I'd share, in case anyone shares my la-la-love.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I'm the same way. My first question is always how I can return it! :)

I have loved this rug since the day I saw it on your blog. and I'm soooo tempted but my only question is how comfortable would it be in a family room FULL of tile? And would the creamish color be black in a few months with two BOYS?

Across the Pond said...

That rug is divine!!!