Friday, October 01, 2010

Sawyer and Magnolia

The real reason that I had my camera out, and Sawyer had a tie on when he and Mila were all sorts of cute in the street.

Some more of Sawyer and 6-month-old Magnolia on the other blog.


Brandon or Michelle said...

no pressure or anything, but when I open up my google read and you haven't posted something new, I almost just close out the window. not worth looking at all if I can't have some eye candy/ happiness from lillie. I should really get a life, eh?

this pink background--I know you've named it in the past, and I've seen on some blogs how it's all the rage. where in the world does one get such a large amount of the stuff? BRILLIANT! I especially like that you didn't shy away from it with sawyer...totally rockin'.

you're the bomb! peace out!

brooke said...

You are amazing.